The Good Fight

“The problem with complaining about “greedy capitalists” is that we’re very good at spotting other people’s greed but very reluctant to see it in ourselves. That’s how demagogues prey on greed and envy to rally people to take what isn’t theirs. If you need charity to live, you are fortunate to be living in one of the most charitable nations on earth.
If you don’t need charity [to survive] but demand it because you “deserve” it or “the rich can afford it,” you’re just as greedy as the “greedy capitalists.”Len Cabrera, American economist. tumblr_ou410fKzwK1r54qfqo1_500

  1. Buddha says:

    Greed is not that guy over there, enjoying the fruits of his labor. It’s those guys over there who have done little or nothing to improve their lives but feel entitled to have the government take the first guys wealth and spread it around. That’s greed….

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