Gone For A Bit Rule 5 Randomness

Headed south for some golf for a few days, well for a week, so I won’t be posting until I return. I will be leaving you with some Rule 5 to peruse whilst I’m gone.tumblr_ozn4ukuBM11u7sv8no1_500


The group of people named ‘millennials’ is because they realized they would be the first graduating class of 2000 – the new millennium.
Millennial, like other cultural generations, are people of the same age group, who have similar ideas, problems, and attitudes.


“Our millennials are a force. I recognize it. And I was a millennial once,” she said. “No longer of course, but I love what you’re doing.” _ Maxine Waters

Don’t Be Alarmed

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The End Game

“With a population 330 million strong, we have enough people.  With 95 million not in the labor force and robots taking over low-skilled jobs, we don’t need more workers.  With America being balkanized, we don’t need more diversity.  So what does today’s immigration provide?

Oh, yeah – Democrat voters.”




About Sums It Up




Cult Of Personality

The left has always understood that it can only succeed by replacing religion and nationalism, either through direct assault, or by dressing their own ideas up in mock nationalistic and religious colors. The left was never atheistic. Its religion was government, its functionaries and doctrines were its priests and its creed. And its depredations have left behind a West with a wounded soul.
It is not only the likes of Oprah and Obama who know how to exploit that wound. There are far worse predators drawing closer to the campfire. Islam is preparing to engulf a Europe that has turned its back on its own values. What predators will come for America in the night is still an open question. With Obama, we have seen the first ugly glimmer of what may be coming. But unless America reclaims its soul, worse predators drawn by the blood of a wounded culture will come.    here…..


Take Me To The River

“The exclusion of aliens is a fundamental act of sovereignty … inherent in the executive power,” the Supreme Court said in 1950tumblr_p2f9syhKV61sdoj14o1_1280It’s the US Presidents legal authority, (and obligation), you pompous ass hat.

Worry about your own corrupt country and let us try and get America back after years of liberal neglect, we’ll be sending millions of Mexicans back to Mexico starting with illegals currently in our prisons. Good luck and fuck you.

Those Upset About SH!THOLE Comment, Then Move There