Singing To The Choir


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  • cmblake6 says:

    Why do more not see this? Absolutely spot on Pastor! OORAH!!!!!

  • TWS says:

    This guy gets it.

  • KHS71 says:

    Because it pays to be a victim especially a protected class. It’s never your fault, someone else is at fault.

  • JimB says:

    I have always been An American. Nothing else. Never wanted to be anything else.

  • Toejam says:

    The Democrat slave masters will never let this obviously true, but damaging, idea get any traction. Democrat slaves, whether black, gay or illegal aliens must be programmed to be “victims” whose only salvation is to support and vote for their Democrat masters.

  • Quartermaster says:

    There are some Black Christians. Jesse Lee Peterson is saying similar things. Too many so called Black Pastors don’t stand for the truth. The Presiding Bishop of the CoGIC said he would support anything good for Black People. Sadly, he didn’t support what this pastor is preaching.

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