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Glass Houses

“America is no stranger to spending money to interfere with foreign elections.  In the last Israeli election, the Obama State Department funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to the opposition of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations found that the State Department and a group called One Voice coordinated political activities – including the building of a voter database, the training of activists, and the hiring of a political consulting firm tied to President Obama himself.”    here…

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Looks Like The NBA Want’s To Join The NFL In Race To The Bottom

LeBron and Kevin Durant think they can call POTUS names without consequences. When called out for his remarks…….he pulls the race card.

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Twatter & Twittle

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So Are We Done Here?

Can we just be done with the special counsel now? Has the idiocy of the Obama justice department been fully exposed and now we can all just get on with our lives?

All of this fluff about the Russians is just that….fluff. Number one, they’ll never be extradited, number two, what did they do differently than hundreds/thousands of political organizations do every election? There’s a shitload of countries who meddle, donate, or provide materials for one side or the other.

What a pathetic waste of time and money.

Give it a rest, we’re done here.

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You Did It, We Saw You Do It, We Have Video Of You Doing It

I’m not sure what can be done about school shootings short of arming teachers but a large percentage of them are liberals so they would rather cling to their ideology than worry about the kids, but that’s common with lefties.

There is another way.

If a shooter survives and there is 100% proof he did it, hang him, publicly, within hours of the crime.

Of course if the authorities would have done their jobs they could have stopped this particular shooter.

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….it just writes itself.tumblr_ozd275P8ou1u3ktkko1_500

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All You Need To Know

Barack Obama’s presidential portrait was painted by a gay black man who once referred to a piece of art in his studio as a”kill whitey thing”

Michelle Obama’s first lady painting was done by a black female artist whose other paintings include a black woman beheading white women.

Both paintings are horrendous, both artist hate white people, and that’s who Obama and Mooch chose to paint their official portraits.

Nothing more needs to be said about the former first couple.

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And The Truth Will Set You Free…….

…..or send you to prison.tumblr_p3vmuzOShg1vbx6yro1_1280tumblr_p3vi96V4nL1vbx6yro1_1280 tumblr_p3x89xo7QO1vbx6yro1_1280tumblr_inline_p2lr07lUpm1rijtm2_540All images from here..

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Parades And Parasites

Enough with the parade talk. The loons are gonna ruin it, most people in fly over country could care less, they already love and respect what our military does. We don’t need bands and marching soldiers to remind us of their importance.

On the budget agreement, no DACA, that’s good. Military spending, if you could procure a hammer for under 50 bucks, that’s good. Open ended domestic spending for bullshit programs that do nothing for the good of the country…..that’s bad.

They keep saying medicaid, medicare, and social security are the items that need cutting. How about cutting welfare, planned parenthood, foreign aid to countries that hate us and even some that don’t, and worthless pork programs.

If the economy roars the revenue stream will come, keep the democrats filthy fingers off of it and you can cut into the deficit but it takes the guts and balls to do what’s necessary, this budget deal seems like not even Trump can say no to the liberal parasites and GOPe sucking the life out of this country.

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