Nature 101

Repeat after me:


And all the damn surgery and drug treatments don’t alter that fact.



  1. Toejam says:

    Correct. All the cosmetic surgery in the world won’t alter DNA. However, Transgender political Correctness is the latest Liberal “feel-good” liturgy that’s spouted. Unfortunately, it like same-sex marriage and the faux Global Warming is being shoved down the throats of Conservative Christians.

  2. Troybeam says:

    Transgender, true penis equals boy, vagina equals girl: problem: girl begin transgender options to become a boy: does everything except have the surgery to remove vagina/ovaries/fallopian tubes and have a penis built, no matter how much hormones girl takes to become boy the equipment is there to have a child, and guess what these semi transgendered girls suddenly become mommies with outward body appearance of a male.

    Is this a case of nature will find a way or the new way the gay community can have children without adoption.

  3. cmblake6 says:

    Take a cell. Clone individual. It will come out the same sex it originally was. Not what it supposedly thinks it is, but what the genetics of the cell were. Period.

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