Rumors Of War

The saber rattling is getting intense with North Korea, stories coming out of the media about nuke capabilities seem to be painting Trump into a corner and forcing him to take action. I have no doubt that our military capability is vastly superior to the Norks, that being said we are currently at war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and whatever ghost maneuvers our special forces are involved in. Toss in our tense relationship with Iran, China, and Russia and we are stretched pretty thin.

As an American, nothing would please me more than bringing hell fire down on the chubby little dictator just to shut him up. Putting out threats and shabby videos showing North Korea blowing up America is rude, (of course Iran has been doing it for decades). He seems like a spoiled child who doesn’t like being scolded and can’t play with the other kids because….well…..nobody likes him. He needs to have his toys taken away.

But we can’t fight everyone.

If I had to pick one I would get the hell out of Afghanistan. To this day I don’t know what we have gained but I have a good idea of what we have lost. The war on terror has been a perpetual war, the first American attack in Afghanistan happened October 7, 2001, you can do the math but fighting in one country for almost 16 years seems like a long time. We had the Gulf War in 1990-91 but that was a major ass kickin’  when Bush the Elder was running the show, unfortunately W. thought it a good idea to head back in 2003 and finish what his old man had started, been there ever since. Thanks to Obama and his troop withdrawal from Iraq we are now in Syria. Sad.

I don’t know what the current state of political and tribal factions are in Afghanistan, but I don’t think that we are on the cusp of bringing the Taliban to it’s knees. It’s time to let the chips fall where they may, we have given away billions of dollars to corrupt politicians and tribal leaders and it seems nothing has changed. I fear the blood and treasure was wasted in a senseless war that America has nothing to show for.

It’s past time to leave Afghanistan, I wouldn’t let any grass grow under our feet getting out of Iraq and Syria also but I understand the urgency in eliminating ISIS. I don’t know that Afghanistan would become a haven for terrorists or not, and frankly at this point, I don’t care.

Ann Coulter has more:

“Every recent war has been counterproductive at best. At worst, they have been meat-grinders for our bravest young men.

If we’re ever attacked, we should be prepared to unload our full arsenal. But it’s not our job to create functioning democracies in primitive rape-based societies around the globe.

Apart from an attack on U.S. soil by a foreign country, we are going to live our lives, go to work, celebrate the Fourth of July, and never bother learning the difference in Sunni and Shia Arabs. Once a decade, when we fleetingly remember Yemen or Saudi Arabia, we will hope they’re doing well, then get back to our lives — surrounded by a wall and living in a constitutional democracy, where our greatest young men aren’t continually sacrificed in pointless wars.”

  1. riverrider says:

    agree 100%. this new war is deep state boxing trump in for the kill. just last week intel said it would be decades for kim to be a mainland threat, now he’s not only capable but supposedly has 60 warheads. no way. they tried to get it going with russia, before that iran, now korea. why so desperate to get a war going? why sacrifice millions of people?

  2. redcoogs says:

    I hate to do it but you got to take out north korea. it’s going to be a freakin mess for years after you do it; but if you do not; north korea keeps building a nuke missle stable to the point you can’t take it out militarily and then it extorts the world as it sees fit, passes on weapons and know how to other lovely places like iran until the bad countries until you got bad actors with nukes all over the planet.

    china is an idiot for letting it get this far, they do not need north korea to rule the far east, Russia and austrailia; the usa was never going to defend that area it’s too costly; they’d slowly cede itand let Russia and china fight it out.

  3. chuck says:

    Always thought that the appropriate response to the Twin Towers was to go in kick-ass, trash the place and leave. They certainly were not going to lend us a hand to rebuild from their attack. The message would be that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of our response, don’t poke the beast.

  4. DayOne says:

    Sorry My Friend, but I’m pretty sure that what we have here is a constitutional republic. If it were a constitutional democracy, HRC would be President.

  5. OldFan says:

    I’ve done this plan as part of command & staff training.

    I put every Nork arty battery that ranges Seoul on a chart. Then I cracked open the classified manual on how much ordnance you need for differing hardnesses of targets and put together the payload required for 99% destruction (the column all the way on the right). Next, I estimated the platforms (arty, strike aircraft, bombers) it would take to deliver that ordnance load. Finally I calculated how many volleys/sorties it would take to get it done. We could do this.

    But I did not really like the answer because it would take too long (i.e. more than one strike) – and the Norks would be unloading on the population of Seoul the whole time, killing tens of thousands of them.

    Ah, but that was 20 years ago.
    We have to assume this math has been redone with modern delivery systems and ordnance . . . and I wonder what the answer was this time.

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