Twatter Goes Full On Twat

Liberals are showing their true colors of hate, calling for gun control, race vengeance, karma come ‘uppins, and continue to be blind to the fact that one of their own lost it and attempted to murder people.

You can’t have it both ways, you either promote love over hate or you hate everyone that has a differing point of view.

Keep poking the bear kids, you’ll soon find that has consequences.screen-shot-2017-06-14-at-9-19-23-am screen-shot-2017-06-14-at-9-16-34-am

Screen-Shot-2017-06-14-at-10.09.35-AM Screen-Shot-2017-06-14-at-10.20.04-AM Screen-Shot-2017-06-14-at-10.12.03-AM 5723_1 5723_2 5723_13 5723_12 5723_5 5723_10

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  • Toejam says:

    Social media, i.e.: twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are the termites that are going to eventually bring down a 241 year solid structure that houses people who haven’t the means or intelligence to employ critical thinking and instead replace it with instant gratification vitriol. In the meantime the founding Liberal turds of these social sites: Zuckerberg, Dorsey & Systrom are laughing their billionaire asses off while sitting in their gated mansions.

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