The Wide Yellow Stripe

So there were four armed officers outside the school. And none of them did anything, according to CNN. They instead waited for Coral Springs police to lead the charge inside.


What’s more, Coral Springs City Manager Mike Goodrum apparently chewed out Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel over that malfeasance on February 15 — more than a week ago. Which means that Israel knew full well that his own office had botched everything dramatically when he stood on stage with CNN’s Jake Tapper and a crowd of angry parents and community members and blamed the National Rifle Association and Dana Loesch for his own horrible failure.

So what is Sheriff Israel’s protocol? Broward County police protocol? Surely they have trained for just this type of scenario.

tumblr_p4mpl9JBji1vbx6yro1_500“They tell me I can recognize him by a streak of yella down his back…”_Jimmy Stewart – The Cheyenne Social Club   1:36 on clip

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Seems About Right


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Your Point Is Invalid

The gun control fanatics, main stream media and liberal politicians have gone apocalyptic with coverage and pontification on the evils of the weapon used in the Florida shooting. They disregard the shooters history and the obvious blunders by officials that could have stopped him. 

They are also claiming that the need for military style weapons is not a necessary and shouldn’t be a protected right under the 2nd amendment, and their not stopping there, some are calling for a ban on ALL long rifles with a rapid fire mechanism or semi-automatic function. They’re missing the point.

It’s not about hunting, it’s not even about fighting government tyranny, although the thought of standing up to a corrupt government sounds like the patriotic thing to do, in reality if the government/military/law enforcement decide your’e a threat an automatic rifle ain’t gonna help ya. 

The best argument for owning an AR-15 type rifle and the most plausible scenario is the government fucking things up so badly that they wreck the economy and the country is plunged into chaos. If the economy is destroyed then basic services that we take for granted become obsolete. What happens if you can’t get fuel? What happens if the lights go out, no water, no food, no phone, no internet….chaos. The haves will be attacked by the have not’s. That’s when you need your weapons.

If the financial markets collapse there will be a run on money, banks will close, EBT cards stop working, social security checks stop coming, employees stop working, businesses close up and board up….chaos.

With the country 20 trillion in debt and politicians holding each other hostage with government shutdowns and unfettered spending the possibility of a sudden crisis is not only plausible it’s probably inevitable, it’s just a matter of when not if. It’s no way to run a government but I don’t see any indication these politicians will ever change, it will take a crisis and by then it will be too late…..chaos.

To all the gun control politicians and their lap dog media your argument is invalid, we will need our guns, lot’s of ‘em, and you may need some too. Great-Depression Failed Bank second-great-depression


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Thought of the Day Winner!


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Uncommon Sense


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Twatter Goes Full On Twat

Liberals are showing their true colors of hate, calling for gun control, race vengeance, karma come ‘uppins, and continue to be blind to the fact that one of their own lost it and attempted to murder people.

You can’t have it both ways, you either promote love over hate or you hate everyone that has a differing point of view.

Keep poking the bear kids, you’ll soon find that has consequences.screen-shot-2017-06-14-at-9-19-23-am screen-shot-2017-06-14-at-9-16-34-am

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We Are We Are

Don’t believe the media….this is what really matters and this should be who we are….Family.

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The Numbers

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