Exhibit A

There will be no uniting of the tribes, the left won’t have it.

  1. Toejam says:

    Both parties are politicians so they share common interests. However none of those interests are helping the American public. As Rush Limbaugh says: The Democrats are the “Always win” Harlem Globe Trotters and the Republicans are the “always the losing stooges” Washington Generals. America is doomed as a Republic as the Washington swamp morass slides towards the same goal: Socialism. Sadly, eventually America’s last hope; President Trump will be pushed aside.

  2. leeholsen says:

    is that really true ?

    I actually was watching cnn and I know they reported on air that it was the democrats praying on the field, no mention of the gop.

    I am not surprised, but cnn had reporters at the game; they would have been able to identify republicans out there; so they chose not to; but supposedly fox is the one telling lies.

    just shameful, but not new.

  3. Anonymous White Male says:

    The only time Demonicrats “pray” is for a photo-op. Remember when they tried to remove “God” from the 2012 platform? That at least would have been honest if they had done it. But, they realized the fly-over country people might be offended so they reinserted it.

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