The Summer Help

The “Summer Help”, that’s what the federal bureaucracy calls a new presidential administration. From the Pentagon to the EPA, federal agencies loaded with people with lifetime jobs go about their business with no thought to what needs to be done to help the country, but what needs to be done keep their paycheck coming in every two weeks. Their loyalties fall behind whatever mid level management boss they have. If Boss A is a liberal, the busy work will be politically progressive. Reports, data, and lunch chats will be whatever Boss A chooses regardless that Boss A’s new boss is The President of the United States. Boss A will still be in his position long after Bush, Obama, and Trump, have spent their allotted time in office, visa vie….the “Summer Help”.

That’s the problem with big government, it’s damn near impossible to get anything done because decisions are based on data, but who is providing the data? It could be Boss A and his group providing the reports, but Boss A was hired during the Clinton administration because he checked all the right liberal boxes and the people he hired checked the same boxes, if they had not, they wouldn’t be employed for Boss A.

Let’s say Boss A and his people are in charge of immigration data, or CO2 climate reports, or war scenarios with Iran, you kind of get the picture of the damage that can be done regardless of who is POTUS. Now multiply this scenario among the millions of federal workers and thousands of federal agencies with a workforce that can’t be fired. Civil servants backed by the Local 222 Boss A and his Minions Union are all but guaranteed a lifetime job with killer benefits.

Now lets’ say Boss A has received information that could be damaging to the current administration, and Boss A is good pals with a reporter for MSABCNBC news, nothing would stop him from leaking the information because he is part of the massive quagmire known as the federal government apparatus.

That’s what Trump faces. He can fire appointees but he can’t fire everyone. Draining the swamp will be impossible because of all the standing water, he may be able skim the scum from the top but the problem lies at the bottom and it will just fill back up once the summer help is gone.

The people who find their way onto the college campus, or the government campus, are not there to confront life. They are there to escape it. Once on the campus they quickly forget about the rest of the world. They become institutionalized, like convicts that spend decades in the penitentiary. The government never fires anyone and there are never tough times, requiring the bosses to make hard decisions. For the career civil servants,death is the only thing that can get them off the payroll.


It’s why everyone is so nice and relaxed. When you don’t have to worry about hard times, you can spend all your time enjoying the good times. There’s plenty of office politics, of course, and the stress that comes with it, but the people in the Department of Nice are secure in their positions. They know the check will be deposited every two weeks into their account. They know their job will always be there. They know that no matter what happens out there in the world, everything will be fine on campus.   keep reading….

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  • Danne says:

    This is dead-on accurate and why it’s more important to impose job term limits on ALL Gov’t employees as opposed to closing a Dept. here or there or reducing it’s size. ABSOLUTELY NO Federal employee should be permitted to work for the FED in any capacity for longer than 10 years (about a quarter of one’s productive working years), after which time they MUST exit Fed service and seek employment in the private sector. No connection with the FED IN ANY WAY allowed in the civilian sector job. Do this for all FED employees…NO EXCEPTION. It would then become unpopular to work the FED knowing that inevitably you’d have to return to the private sector for a real living. If caught working for any civilian job that any ties to Gov’t whatsoever suffer the penalty….complete loss of retirement benefits. That’s how you drain a swamp!!!!

  • Toejam says:

    Proof: Democrats, Liberal Jews, Many Republican, Liberals are Hypocrites.

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