It Can’t Be Both

Paul Ryan say’s his plan is the only plan, Rand Paul said it he was told it was a “binary choice”, basically Ryan’s way or the highway.

Listen, it’s either good or bad, you can’t have it both ways. Kind of better than Obamacare isn’t what we were told. Figure the damn thing out, you say you know what you are doing but I trust the GOPe as far as I can toss Chris Christie.

I want market based individual plans that cost in the neighborhood of $400 a month for young healthy family upwards of $800 per month for 50+ with a manageable deductible, that or give me pre-tax dollars to invest in a health savings account and promote cash medical services and hospitals so I can eliminate the fucking insurance middleman.

I don’t care about the lazy, non working inhabitants on welfare. I didn’t put them there and I shouldn’t be subsidizing them with higher premiums or penalties and if any of that bullshit is in the new replacement bill that will be the end of my Republican support.

It’s in your court you asshat politicians, quit bickering and get in a room with the best and the brightest and hammer it out.

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  • Richard says:

    I feel the same way!
    That is why I am a member of the Constitution Party.
    There may be other alternatives but it looks the best to me.
    I supported Trump, but if He can’t get IT done, then back to the Constitution Party.

  • Chris In NC says:

    Yep, this is where Trump learns that you can try to drain the swamp all you want but it’s usually the swamp that drains you

  • Macko says:

    you realize that $800 a month is just shy of $10K a year right. I want my employer provided plan with half the premiums and a third of the deductible back because I earned it

  • Troybeam says:

    Back to basics, no government in health care period. State to state shopping choices equals CAPITALISM! it works, now how to achieve that, simple really…repeal Obama Care and have the health care providers create a sustainable system that includes pre-existing symptoms, I would guess they already have something up their sleeve in a pre-repeal situation.

  • Scottiebill says:

    Paul Ryan does not belong in the Speaker’s position any more than I should be there. He is just another RINO like McCain, Graham, McConnell. to name a few. In fact, I heard Ryan referred to on Laura Ingraham’s radio program as John Boehner Lite.

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