Rule 5 Rated R Randomness

the kiss2

  1. Toejam says:

    A young Clint Eastwood (?) on the left and Phil Silvers (?) next to him. Anyone know the movie this is from?

  2. Irish says:

    Hi Jeff :)

    After work, I had shut down the machines and decided to scroll the blogs to see whats going on.

    I always enjoy your Rated R posts and saw Toejam’s comment. Since I enjoy a good internet sleuthing exercise I decided to grab a beer and jump on it. Some searches take one or two trys, others longer. Like this image tineye had nothing worthwhile.

    Google images gave the following:

    As you can see there are 9 hits

    I look at the URL and see if any of them look like a “good” hit. You can get key words
    some of the hits or links to where they found the image.

    One of our fellow bloggers used it here:

    I look for the best image that might generate a lead. I found a large resolution picture here from the first hit on the previous search:

    Here is the large image:

    ( definitely not Clint Eastwood or Phil Silvers)

    Which pointed me to this french website:

    From there I got the name of the movie and started searching that :)

    It took a few beers but I finally nailed it :)

  3. Toejam says:

    Thanks guys. I appreciate your posting the answer! :)

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