How Damaging Is The Memo?

If you listen to the Democrats it’s a nothing burger, if you ask people in the know, somebodies going to jail. Starts at the 1:15 mark

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  • NITZAKHON says:

    Ultimately, those who already supported Trump will continue to support him. Those who want him out of office will continue to want him out of office. A few thoughtful fence-sitters will be convinced, but ultimately this will not meaningfully alter the dynamic.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  • Dan says:

    NOBODY’S of any importance is going to jail. A scapegoat or two maybe…but not likely. The left has done far too good a job of infiltrating and subverting the Just Us Department AND the federal judiciary. The laws will NOT BE APPLIED in this case. We’ll see a lot of talking heads making noise, read a lot of BS in the media and I suspect see a number of federal employees “retire with benefits” a bit earlier than planned but that is ALL we are going to see. Just as cops can murder unarmed people with impunity just by bleating “I feared for my life” so too we will see people in the bureaucracy protected by that apparatus as the OTHERS in that byzantine corrupt structure don’t want to risk being held to the law. Virtually ALL of them will close ranks and prevent any real justice from being done. And the politicians involved will spout platitudes and promises, make a lot of noise and look important but sooner or later….and I’d bet sooner they will return to the most important issue of all. Getting reelected. Nothing is going to change because the ‘deep state’ doesn’t want it changed. America is lost. It has been for several decades, it’s just that the evidence of that coup is just now becoming obvious.

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