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How Damaging Is The Memo?

If you listen to the Democrats it’s a nothing burger, if you ask people in the know, somebodies going to jail. Starts at the 1:15 mark

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Subliminal Omissions

Yesterday on our local news, the anchor, in a quick nondescript way during his broadcast, mentioned that an FBI agent was quitting the agency because of White House attacks on the FBI. They got the story from an op-ed in the New York Times.

The common person wouldn’t think much of it but the subliminal message is, FBI Agent quits because Trump mean, agent applauded for courage by standing up for agency.

Ok, no big story there except……the FBI agent who wrote the op-ed was none other than Josh Campbell, former special assistant for.….James Comey.

By omitting the fact that the FBI agent who wrote the story could have a partisan bias they leave this thought with the viewer, Trump bad, FBI good. It took 15 seconds.

This is what they are doing……#war.

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Hey You


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Gaggle, Twatter, & Fakebook – Social Media Goes Social Justice

I used to use Google, no more. I don’t have a Facebook page, don’t need or want one. I don’t have a twitter feed, getting in a pissing contest with someone at 140 characters seems silly and futile.

It was a good ride Google, buh bye.

“James Damore is what most people think of when they imagine a Google employee. A brilliant original thinker with interests spread across the scientific and technological spectrum. But Danielle Brown is what Google actually is: a Hillary Clinton supporter who handled diversity at Intel and Google.

Google is a search engine monopoly that makes its money from search ads. It began with a revolutionary idea from young engineers much like Damore. Then the engineers became billionaires. And the company that began in a garage hired a Vice President of Diversity to get rid of the brilliant young engineers.

The idea that made Google some twenty years ago was PageRank. It was ahead of its time in utilizing social technology to rate the relevance of a page. The idea has since been cannibalized as Google’s search algorithm favors its own products. And increasingly it also favors its own political views.

As the company swings left, it isn’t interested in the “wisdom of crowds”, only in its own agenda.”   Keep reading…


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The Two Party Blame Game

In fairness to the GOP, their model has worked for a long time. Going back to 1994, they have controlled Congress for all but four years. They blame that short interlude on the Iraq war and Bush. Otherwise, their game of lying to the voters on the campaign trail and then voting like Democrats in Washington has worked, but this may be different. Trump is the warning shot to the party and Washington. Those millions of GOP voters who have stuck it out, trying to make the system work for them, may just throw in the towel. _ The Zman

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