The Memo

It’s a big deal.

Rarely do you see, (especially on the GOP side), congress go after any government agency so publicly by actually naming names and releasing the information as quickly as the committee process would allow. 

It’s quite refreshing.

The memo is short but very eye opening. The main stream media will try to minimize what’s in the document but there’s an easy fix for that, release the underlying documents that support the memo.

I don’t know what’s in the democrats own memo but I don’t see how you counter the information in the first one without relevant justice department intelligence/FISA applications refuting the first memo’s claims.

Bring it on bitches, let’s see what ya got.


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  • xtron says:

    this is a test…to see who will panic and resign rather than take minimal heat.
    and this is a warning shot to all the entrenched deep state swamp dwellers. there are 10 or 12 more investigations of potential scandal/illegal activities in/around mordor on the Potomac.
    if you are involved, you may want to tender your resignation in the near future, and hope you can build enough plausible deniability to escape prosecution.
    remember, anytime you drain a swamp, there is a huge stink. the more you drain, the more stink there is, and the more corruption there is, the stronger the stink will be.

    pass the popcorn, the next 3-6 months are going to be fun….for our side

  • SW40Smith says:

    That was the answer of someone who was relieved. Maybe Comey was expecting much worse and there is info that hasn’t been disclosed yet. Why else would they pull out all stops to discount it before release.

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