Burn It Down

Sites showing the actual memo are down due to overload.

Steele seems to be the instigator of his own dossier and media leaks. DOJ/FBI knew it, they knew the document was a partisan hit job, yet applied and renewed FISA warrants four¬†(6) times understanding that what they were using for evidence of the application was fraudulent or at the very least compiled to do damage to Trump…….yet they didn’t mention a word about it to the FISA court.

They also failed to alert the FISA court that the dossier was a Clinton property and probably authored by her minions.

There is no way to spin this other than what it is, a partisan hit job using the intelligence department, a complicit media, and the Clinton/Obama machine to spy on Trump the candidate and Trump the President in order to deny him any chance of the Presidency.

The Mueller investigation was built on this false premise and should be shut down immediately.


Stay tuned…


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