I Didn’t Vote For A Choir Boy

I’ve watched Trump on the golf channel years ago, I watched the 30 for 30 about the USFL and Trumps hand in the demise of the fledgling league, I watched the campaign and debates during his candidacy for  the GOP nominee and general election for the presidency.

I’ve never watched a second of The Apprentice.

Trump can be an SOB, his tweets can be confusing, he is cringe inducing as an orator and some decisions are winners while others are losers. That description describes the majority of private business owners I know. I have worked for and golfed with a number of business owners, most of them didn’t graduate from college, some not even high school. These were tough men who became successful by hard work and luck, not by their diploma and social skills.

The reason for this post is the book and quotes by former presidents Bush. 41 and 43 have come out bashing Trump calling him a “blowhard” and specifically stating they don’t like him. In the book, titled “The Last Republicans”, it even states they didn’t vote for Trump. This all seems like sour grapes by a father and brother who witnessed Trump wipe the floor with a sniveling soft Jeb Bush in the GOP primary. These are the same Bushes who call Bill Clinton a brother from another mother.
Let that sink in….George H. and George W. look favorably upon Bill and Hillary Clinton while publicly announcing their disdain for Donald Trump.

That stunning admission tells you all you need to know about the Bushes, not a word for the last 8 years of Obama yet a scathing indictment of Trump in just under a year. As a matter of fact a few years back when W was asked specifically about Obama’s performance as POTUS he said it wasn’t proper for a former President to speak on a current President. What a change of heart.

Trumps no choir boy but he’s getting shit done, he’s not afraid to fight back and seems to care about the little guy, I like that in a President.

I regret ever supporting 41 and 43 and their alliance of RINO’s in the GOP, they have shown their true colors in a time when Trump could use a friend or two. They don’t need the book money, this is pure revenge. I’m done giving a fuck about them.



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  • Patrick Wilson says:

    could not agree more. Voted for both as least of two evils but have to say I’m surprised at how willing they are to flaunt their globalist republicrat positions.

    • RebPirate says:

      Your article puts an exclamation point on WHY I voted for Perot instead of King George I and WHY I voted for Harry Brown instead of Prince George the Younger (first term). I’ve been told that I “wasted” my vote and that my vote was a proxy vote for slick-Willie. I never believed either of those excuses for why a weak candidate (41) didn’t get elected or why (43) there wasn’t a landslide victory. I regretted voting for W’s second term because I knew in my gut that he was demonrat-lite, but I bought into the hype that the country would be DOOMED if I didn’t. I regretted every minute of his second term. Neither of them were statesmen. We also need to take a look at who the repubi-crats tried to shove down our throats in the in-between years; Bob “Let’s Make A Deal” Dole, Juan McShame and Mitt Obamney. What were we supposed to do with those dullards? Not a one of them inspired us and none of them were even slightly conservative. I’m so glad (and proud) that We the PEOPLE have taken the Republican party back and did NOT submit to the GOPe and nominate Yeb Boosh. We would have had Hitlery as our president. Of course Yeb would have been lauded for “doing his duty” by taking one for the team and then trotted out again in 2020 with a “real doctrine for change”. Too bad that by 2020 (under Clinton) we would be just another failed socialist nation.
      Yes I know that PRESIDENT Trump can be brash, bold, and sometimes ham-fisted, but he has done more to RESTORE this Constitutional Republic in the last 10 months than any of the Bushes or establishment/swamp republic-crats could even dream. We’ve had 28 YEARS of globalist/socialist presidents who have done their best to tear us down using extra-Constitutional methods. Now we have a President that isn’t afraid to tell us what we DON’T want to hear for our own good. We have a man in the Peoples’ house who is willing to get his hands dirty if he has to. I truly believe that he has ALL Americans’ best interests at heart and is honestly trying to lift us all up out of the sh!thole that the last 28 years has pushed us into.
      I DO NOT REGRET VOTING FOR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, and I look forward to the next three years of his Presidency. I hope that I am as excited about him at the end of his first term. If I am, he’ll have EARNED my vote for a second.

  • Anonymous White Male says:

    When you study the history of the Bush Crime Family, you see that they are even more entrenched in the evil than the Clintons will ever be. The Clintons are not the “right people”. They are White trash. The Bushes are pure, upper crust evil. But, they play the game the same way the McConnells, Grahams, and McCains do. It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it. If you say it with an aristocratic, polite bearing and the appropriate verbiage, you’re an acceptable politician. Political speakers say nothing of a concrete nature. They speak with a lot of platitudes and cliches while they lie to your face. And there are too many Americans that want it this way. I would have almost respected Bill Clinton if he had said, “Hell, yeah, I inhaled. Then I drank the bong water. What of it?” That would have required a level of honesty that politicians aren’t capable of.

  • Anon2 White Male says:

    DAMN well said…you nailed it!!!!

  • Jeff says:

    You got this right about the Bushes.

  • Well said, and I agree 100%.

  • bob says:

    fuck the bushes. every single one of them.

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