Some guy just shot up a church in Texas, another mass shooting that will have the progs out in full gun control mode.

The loss of innocent life is tragic, whatever motivated the killer is unknown, but normal people don’t commit mass murder.

You can’t stop crazy…and it’s worse if crazy has a weapon.

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  • – You can’t stop crazy…and it’s worse if crazy has a weapon. —

    Indeed. It’s worst when only crazy has a weapon.

  • wayne says:

    You CAN stop crazy. Prior to the 1970s, we had asylums that would house these deranged people. As time goes on, the world gets scarier and more dangerous. We are devolving as a species into barbarians. This is not what I imagined as a young boy when I was told about how wonderful the future would be!

    • Toejam says:

      Agreed Wayne. Back in the day they took the loonies to the Loony farm and locked their asses in a cell and let them drool. Today the Liberal assholes want to “rehabilitate” the un-uninhabitable. They see the nutters as “victims” of society. Of course the “coexist” Libs see almost all threats to American citizens as “victims” and the Conservative Americans as the villains.

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