Let The Games Begin

Just when you thought the democrats couldn’t screw up their brand much worse than “Hillary for President” we now have Hurricane Harvey Weinstein and Jemele “It’s Because I’m Black” Hill tossed in for grins and giggles. The left now has to turn on their own to cover their collective asses. At this point nobody’s safe.

Hillary issues statement about being “appalled” and is “outraged” at Weinsteins behavior when the obvious comparison is her husband Cigar Boy Bill.

Obama, lefty celebrities and the liberal media now have to speak unkind words about one of their bestest buddies and money man.

Media whore feminist attorney Lisa Bloom jumps on as adviser for Weinstein then realizes her massive hypocrisy and resigns. Ya can’t have your cake and eat it too toots.

ESPN picked their nose then picked a fight with the perpetually oppressed by suspending the angry black woman who hates whitey. 

The NFL is considering changing their policies and mandating players stand for the anthem thus siding with deplorable’s, libtards heads imploding.

Kaerpernick say’s he will stand for anthem if somebody will pay him, his Mussie girlfriend say’s not so fast. Ripples in the pool of love?

Of course the GOPe is having it’s own battle within the ranks but let me say this, I don’t think Trump is an intellectual by any means but he is the biggest reason all of this is happening. It’s either genius or uncanny knack of knowing what buttons to push.

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  • Scooter says:

    Nailed it!!!’

  • Toejam says:

    President Trump is smarter and shrewder than many give him credit for. Most people are like little kids want results and want them right now. Trump on the other hand plays his game smart and slow. That is the epitome of how a great negotiator rolls.

    Of course, the Washington D.C. Beltway politician’s Club Trump haters on both sides of the isle are using his “ineffectiveness”, mostly caused by establishment Republicans (Sen. Corker come to mind?) to vilify who will one day be seen as a brilliant and highly effective president.

  • Surfratt says:

    With the Winter Olympics not too far away, imagine the uproar if a Gold Medal U.S. Olympian decides to take a knee.

    It’s tradition for the national anthem to be played while raising the national flag to honor the Olympic Gold Medal winning individual/team, as well as the nation they represent.

    My observation is that not very many NFL players have participated in any Olympic competition and that any athlete that would not stand-up while their nations anthem is played and their nations flag is raised, might have a very difficult time finding their way home.

    • TWS says:

      If it was summer you’d see some black power salutes for sure. Probably one of the ganga addled snowboarders will take a knee.

  • leeholsen says:

    Trump knows what is red meat for his base and keeps dishing it out to them and it’s enough people, it has a negative effect on the elites.

    I still do not know if Trump actually believes everything he is pushing or just thinks he can be more popular than Reagan by doing all this. if the country was reversed and a large majority of the country wanted gay marriage, more govt dependence and to honor your country of origin over the usa, Trump might by 180 from what he ran as.

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