Worth a few minutes.

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  • Toejam says:

    It’s guilty I plead, says I, the proud possessor of a LG flip-phone powered by TracFone cellphone service. Used it twice in the last year. ;)

  • Toejam says:


    I do not need nor do I want to be constantly looking for praise or verbal ego stroking from the general American public on an electronic yoke hanging around my neck.

    I look at 85% of the people in this country as ignorant assholes not worthy of me listening to or responding to their phony shit.

    I do however let my opinion be known on selected websites like yours, which I see as being intelligent, informed and displaying the rare quality of honesty.

    I live alone in my own world and they like me here!

    • jeffli6 says:

      Toejam – Well said. I have a very small digital footprint myself, no fakebook, snapchat, nada. I do have an iphone which for work is priceless. I came from the old school before cell phones and had to order concrete and call employees from land lines or pay phones, my ash tray was full of quarters just for that need. This little gadget is wonderful and a pain in the ass at the same time.

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