Crazy Like A FOX

Crazy Like A FOX

The Z Mans take on FOX and Billy Boy:

As a further aside, the companies pulling their ads from O’Reilly were not doing it for economic reasons. The ratings were through the roof and few Americans care about who is playing grab ass with whom at the TV station. These companies were pulling their ads in order to curry favor with the Cult. In many cases, their management teams are infested with Progs and powerskirts too. It’s like a virus for which there is no known cure. It controls the host and will bring about its demise in order to promote the cause.


That’s the fate of Fox News. Rupert Murdoch was never a man of the Right. He was just a guy who loved tabloid news and was a genius at making money on modern media properties. His kids are Kool-Aid drinking Prog loonies, who will piss away the family fortune trying to buy status within the Cult of Modern Liberalism. As a result, Fox News will slowly be converted into a megaphone for the one true faith. We’ll sooner see a trans gender-fluid lesbian of color in prime time than another Bill O’Reilly type.

For my part I liked Bill for his talking points and his segments with Jesse Watters and Dennis Miller, other than that his show was pretty much the same as the others dependent on which side of center you’re on.

He did have one moment that should go down in history, his battle with infamous DC butt pirate Barney Frank on the housing bubble. 

  1. WoodBurner says:

    Thats why the old boy will come back. Some place/ Some Time.

  2. leeholsen says:

    cnn had 4 former fox babaes that were regulars guest on the factor and the worst anyone could come up with was being called a “blonde”.

    I normally could care less about gossip but since bill was the cornerstone for fox news, I was curious.

    seems to me there is maybe one woman that he had an affair with that got some of what he said on tape, everything else seems to be easily offended women that wouldn’t last a week in the 1980s oil business.
    unless there’s more and it will come out; I don’t see and reason for firing him unless fox news is changing.

    I cannot believe that Hannity is now the best thing on fox news. well, my books read should go up.

    • leeholsen says:


      the first big guest is going to be kaytlin jenner ? seriously ?

      imo, that’s a slap in the face to tradional factor viewers. bill may have her as a guest but not the day after the French election, more navy arriving in the far east and with the week involving the debt ceiling and possible tax and obamacare legislation. a big first guest for him would be foreign French president Sarkozy, a transvestite ?

      I predict the 8 and 9 slots drop by 15% minimum, fox is going to lose a lot of viewers that will never come back.

  3. Troybeam says:

    On O’Reily, where are the accusers, date and times, are these women democrats? Not enough information.

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