The Bigger They Are…..

Bill O’Reilly has been excused from FOX News. He was accused of sexual harassment, he has apparently settled four previous cases, the last accusation seems pretty weak but whatever, he is gone. Apparently the Murdoch boys didn’t think backing their man was worthwhile…to bad.

So Ole Bill hit on some women and everyone is up in arms, the left is ecstatic. The hearts of liberals are filled with joy because the right’s poster boy had fallen. 

Bill Clinton
Ted Kennedy
Bob Mendez
Anthony Weiner
Eliot Spitzer
David Wu
Jon Edwards

And I could go on and on.

Any questions?

  1. Paula says:

    Something’s just not quite right about this story for me. I’m not sure yet, but I think there is more to it. I think O’Reilly is old school and probably wouldn’t think too hard about how his remarks might be taken by co-working women. So, maybe he acted like an ass on occasion but I can’t quite picture multiple complaints of sexual harassment and being fearful and intimidated and scared for their lives and careers if not acquiescing to his lewd advances. A “vast left-wing conspiracy?” I don’t know. Maybe. I haven’t watched a ton of FNC recently because it’s usually one big eye roll after another, but I always liked to tune in for O’Reilly’s opening talking memo segment (the show usually went downhill from there for me), but still it’s a troubling story. I would like to hear his side of it some day. If he really did intimidate women to the point of fearing if they didn’t submit they’d lose their jobs, then he deserves to go out in disgrace. Anything short of that, I think is kind of a shame for everyone.

    • leeholsen says:


      supposedly 5 allegations in 20 years, that’s 5 allegations. if Bill just harassed women because he has a problem or is just classless and thinks he’s untouchable; there would be more than 5 in 20 years and there would be more than allegations.
      if I were Bill and I knew they were false or sketchy, I’d spend about 40 million of the 85 he has and clear his name.

  2. Toejam says:

    Ole Bill was one of my favorite views 15 years ago, but I heard back then he had a seriously bad break-up with his wife over his bimboizing. Now I’m barely scraping along I don’t have FoxNews and I’ve only watch O’Reilly on Youtube clips. He’s another egomaniac who thought he was untouchable and a gift from God to all woman he wanted to grope, molest and bed. Too bad his lust was energized by a number of babes who thought they could sleep their way to star dom. I hope they replace him with Jesse Watters (Watter’s World). He’s always seemed like a good fit. Remember guys, a stiff dick has no conscience. I’ve learned that the hard way on a few occasions.

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