Best Explanation Yet….Patience

Gives you and idea about the process, the mark ups, and what they have to do to get around the Democrat NO votes. Go to the link and read the entire thing, long but informative.


“Now, the Republicans are going to attempt to repeal that bill by modifying it; and have to also plan for a full unity road block of Democrats providing them no support.  That means the Republican repeal/modification needs to pass the house and senate without a single Democrat vote.

Here’s where it gets tricky.

This process takes three phases.  In phase #1 you are repealing a bill through modification knowing you need to use the Senate Reconciliation process (51 vote threshold).  That means the repeal/modification bill itself cannot have any federal budgetary impact beyond 10-years.  Any bill/modification that HAS budgetary impact, beyond ten years, cannot use reconciliation in the Senate and must reach the higher hurdle of 60 votes.

Additionally, phase #2 and phase #3 will take place over time, through the regular process, as the House and Senate debate their constituent provisions.   This is how the law should have been written in the first place – but it wasn’t.  Phase #2 and phase #3 mean compromise, because the higher vote thresholds will be required.

All of the changes that people want in a replaced ObamaCare bill (purchasing across state lines, etc.) can only come after the entanglement/modification of the law takes place.”  Keep Reading…

  1. Phase #1 – Dismantle the underlying financial construct of the law through new law targeting the underlying financial architecture.  This process allows reconciliation (lower vote threshold in the Senate).
  2. Phase #2 – HHS Secretary Tom Price rewrites the rules and regulations to focus on patient centered care.  Most of the tens of thousands of pages are rules and regulations.  Secretary Price uses the new architecture created under phase #1 to rewrite the rules.
  3. Phase #3 – The wholesale reforms and changes to the law: malpractice/tort reform, purchasing across state lines, etc. are additions -new bills- (higher vote thresholds) to add to the law that provide the changes most ObamaCare critics are demanding.

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  • Chris In NC says:

    What’s complete and utter bullshit is that filibuster crap. Make them filibust. Don’t let them just say “we filibuster this”. When they do, show them the podium and tell them, the minute you step down, we vote. That’s how it was done when it was implemented. Make them sit up there and read the phonebook for a day. When he drops and is carried off, the vote takes place and the 51 votes passes.

    • Rob in Katy says:

      And the Republicans, after we gave them Wins in the last few elections, each time turn around and shit on us.

      • Toejam says:

        You need not expect anything more from the Washington D.C. Beltway Political Club, Rob. I fear President Trump is merely a “Speed Bump” in their (Democrat & Republican) highway to total Social Control.

  • Rob in Katy says:

    …Or, PDJT, can state that as the Chief enforcer of the Law, since ACH was initiated in the Senate and SCOTUS Roberts declared that ObamaCare IS A TAX. The law is invalid. Since this is prima facie, there is no need to involve SCOTUS.

    • guy says:

      The man has a pen and a phone, right?

      This is what the law is right now. Done.

      The left wanted a Caesar. Now we could have one.

      Anyone who complains about ‘bad precedents’ is still under the delusion that we still live in a functioning nation.

      It’s a shame PDJT is operating under that same delusion.

  • Dave Kuhn says:

    I read “we hereby repeal and replace ObamaCare with amendable ObamaCare, but promise changes in the future”.
    Thanks for the cankick, cucks. Blue team will have the house back in two years.

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