A Little Clarity

Everybody is up in arms about Trumps “shithole” comment.

I don’t care, I agree, it should be out there.

Step off your preening beautiful comfortable pedestal until you take a Somali or Haitian family into your own home for a few years, do that, and you have my full attention.

I didn’t vote for an angel, I voted for results….so far so good.


From Irish, more here….

  1. Paula says:

    My reaction was laughter followed by a hell yeah! It was an honest, exasperated, PRIVATE assessment of part of our immigration disaster. I’m prouder of him every day. Can’t wait for Davos:)

  2. Roy says:

    A shit-hole, by any other name would stink as bad.

  3. Jeff says:

    Nothing wrong with what he said. PC is crap.

  4. Toejam says:

    The more my President stands up for America and shouts out what he believes the more I love the guy. And I believe there are millions of other Americans who feel the same way.

    Liberals, and in fact many Republicans, are hypocrites because they also think the same as President Trump , but will never admit it publically.

  5. Troybeam says:

    Wonder if the word cesspool would have made a difference? The democrats will attack the small-list item and lie about everything, when will they wake up to the truth thats slapping their behinds everyday?

  6. KHS71 says:

    Trump speaks the truth and the media and Dems mess in their pants. They know that is the truth. Does the country have open sewage running in the streets? Probably does. OK, then Trump is right.

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