Hot Or Cold, Pick One, You Don’t Get Both

Bogus claims by the “97%” all speculated the weather was changing due to humans carbon footprint, they said it was global warming, Florida would be underwater, the glaciers would disappear and the polar bears would all die off. In the 70’s it was global cooling. Liberals need to pick one, you don’t get to pick “Climate Change”.

Weather is unpredictable but the science behind global warming was supposed to be settled, now with freezing temps in the north east experts are clamoring to justify the cold. The glaciers, polar bears, and Florida are all still here despite Al Gores claims the arctic would be ice free by 2017.

If you liberals are going to fall on the sword of climate change then pick which way it’s changing, you can’t have both because that’s just……weather……idiots.

  1. WoodBurner says:

    God Love Ya James!

  2. leeholsen says:

    even if manmade CO2 were affecting the planet enough to have an effect, anyone thinking the usa should’ve signed up for the paris climate accord is an idiot.
    unless the major polluters like china sign up snd commit to reducing their outputs, those agreements are laughable.
    you may as well play a game of why are you hitting yourself if you think the usa should sign up for those.

  3. John Hamlett says:

    You guys are kidding here right? I wish Trump understood some of his supporters are intelligent enough to know the difference between weather and climate… instead he panders to the uninformed and makes me feel stupid for voting for him. The weather simply shifts… right now the polar cap is 36 degrees, 20 degrees over average, the polar WEATHER will shift as a warm front pushes the colder weather south… weather and climate are 100% different. Don’t believe me, it’s as easy as googling current polar temperature. Come’on Trump, you went to good schools, unbelieveable you wouldn’t know this.

    Are humans causing climate change, absolutely, you’d have to be dense to think that a species expanding at the rate we are wouldn’t have an impact… this would only change if we went negative population, and there’s zero chance of that happening… so… it’s a problem our grandkids, and great grandkids will need to solve.

    • jeffli6 says:

      John – Fine, if you think human activity is effecting the climate then pick your poison and stand by it. Is it warming or cooling, you can’t have both because one or the other it’s supposed to destroy the planet. “Climate change” could be anything so no matter if it’s -50 or 120 above you get to spout off it’s man made. That’s a win win for your argument but does not allow room for debate, but I assume that’s the point anyway.

  4. Toejam says:

    I personally don’t give a flying shit about the planet.

    Matter of fact if 5 billion human parasites were exterminated instantly due to the “climate change” it would be a big plus for the globe.

    Happy fucking New Year!

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