Time To Put A Foot On Their Throats

Alrighty then, holidays are essentially over and it’s time to get aggressive. 2018 mids are coming up and it’s time to kick the dems while their down. Regardless of the three “victories” they claim the democrats are running scared. Trump needs to keep the pressure up, the embassy move and ensuing battle with the UN was a great, tax reform, yep I’ll take it, but there is much much more to do.

His base expects campaign promises to be kept even if it’s hard. Immigration and healthcare reform should be forefront over infrastructure, you can’t keep spending without saving on other fronts. National voter ID laws need to be enacted to shut down the democrats efforts to steal the 2018 elections. Voter fraud is rampant and democrats are counting on those votes in the mid terms to regain power, make voters show proof of who they are and where they live, it’s common sense that’s why the democrats hate voter ID laws. They can’t win if they don’t cheat….(see Hillary/DNC).

Remove Obama holdovers, liberal bureaucrats and judges are doing more damage to Trumps agenda than elected democrats, I assume that’s a feature built in by the Obama admin not a bug. Valerie Jarret and her ilk did a masterful job scheming to ensure appointments would push their liberal agenda, if they would have spent more time trying to do something for the country instead of themselves they might still be in power.

Build the fucking wall. No discussion or vote should be held until the border is secure, keep enforcing current law and stop funding sanctuary cities.

Get the DOJ under control.tumblr_p1jrq9LOmr1w9qs8jo1_1280

Walk away from the Iran/Obama deal, nothing about it helps America.

Ignore NoKo unless Lil’ Kim goes off the rails, starting another war while we still are engaged in the middle-east would be a financial disaster.

Eliminate waste and worthless Washington programs, you want to be revenue neutral, eliminate the pork.tumblr_p1j8c7NGOe1vbx6yro1_1280

Stop transgenders from entering the military and remove anyone who tries to stop it.

Take a shot at entitlements, may not be able to do anything year two, but get the discussion started for year three.

Do these things year two and November could be a landslide democrats did not see coming.

 Anything else you want to add to the list?


  1. guy says:

    Trump has the nuclear football.

    If he were to drop a handful of change onto Pennsylvania Avenue and shout “Free Campaign Contributions!!!” and “Free Performance Bonuses!!!” then…

    “Capt. Harris: For the record, it’s my call. Dump everything you got left on my pos. I say again, expend all remaining in my perimeter. It’s a lovely fucking war. Bravo Six out.”

    Trump would go down as the greatest humanitarian in human history.

  2. Troybeam says:

    2018 wish list: get rid of McMaster, john mccain, pelosi, schummer, wasserman schultz, and any other elected official who wants to try and impeach Trump, on the judicial end: get rid of all liberal judges appointed by Bush, Clinton, and Obamanut, send back every Muslim immigrant brought in after 9/11, seriously people they do not assimilate why have them here: they are a threat to our nation, appoint judges like Piro to the supreme court, Ted Cruz as well on that thought, as for the next Presidential race: Niki Haley is an excellent idea, start thinking about that and spread the word: Make America Great Again and keep her that way. Alan West for McMasters position, he’d be great.

  3. riverrider says:

    close down dept of ed, cut back energy, interior, blm. sell any property not involved in defense or other constitutional duties. after building the wall, cut off all immigration except those with visible means of support like most other countries require. TERM LIMITS. cut out the health care/retirement etc congress gives itself. ban insider trading. LINE ITEM VETO. ALL LAWS EXPIRE, must be renewed by 2/3 majority, not en mass but item by item. zero out epa, let states have that duty back, along with health care, education, energy, land management, etc etc. if it ain’t in the constitution it goes to the state/individual. while we’re at it cut out the “save me from myself” laws. seatbelt etc. you should be free to be stupid and reap the consequences. i call it cleaning up the gene pool.

  4. highdesert45 says:

    …put Obama, Holder, Jarrett, CLINTON, and others in prison. For starters.

    • Troybeam says:

      Don’t hold your breath, so far they’ve escaped jail, should they get in jail, it better be Gitmo after they remove all amenities they installed for the Muslims. Nothing to do but bicker among themselves and then turn on each other for a plea bargain.

  5. The voter ID law is paramount. Moreover, it must be put in place immediately. Even if it were enacted today, the courts would have a (flimsy) rationale for claiming it imposes an “undue burden” on legitimate citizens because they would have less than 1 year to acquire such an ID.

  6. MSG Grumpy says:

    Most of the article and comments are spot on – BUT, we must get the wall built. After a drop in boarder crossings during the first year of President Trump’s term, they have suddenly escalated as the tidal wave sees California stop deportations and promise more money and protection for any and all who wish to invade. Without the wall we will be far to busy playing “catch the crooks” than paying attention to the things we desperately need to fix.

    Once we do have the wall being built (once the world sees we are actually building it and getting serious about enforcing our boarders, Then the wave of illegals will slow down) Then we can start fixing what is broken.

    1. Find, Fire and Prosecute those in the DOJ, CIA, NSA and IRS who are or who previously broke the law to attack ALL Americans who opposed obama and clinton. Make sure the trial and evidence are VERY public so that the American people understand who they served and what they did to their fellow Americans.

    2. Find and Fire any and ALL government workers, judiciary and/or politician who knowingly violated their oath of office. Make the evidence VERY public so the American people understand how they have harmed America with their actions. Code every single one who is removed from government employ so that they may never again be employed by any federal, state and or local government for as long as they live. And so that they may never hold political office ever again also.

    3. END the employer mandate for obamacare. With the new tax bill that President Trump just signed, we have repealed the unconstitutional IRS mandate (Thanks bunches for stabbing the American people in the back with that one Judge Roberts) the next step is to repeal the employer mandate. Once obamacare is no longer mandated it will dry up and blow away. Oh yes and legalize the use of health care insurance across state lines!

    4 Prosecute Hillary for everything she has done that has already been proven (miss-handled classified, exported highly classified material to and un-secure private server, bribery and money laundering with the Clinton Crime family Foundation (Which mean Bill and Chelsea will also be getting three hots and a cot for the next twenty years as well).

    5. With all of the people from item #2 above begging to give evidence implicating the ring leader in the biggest political corruption case in our history, charge and convict obama for racketeering, bribery, organized crime, black mail, and using his office for intimidation and retribution. Put him in the cell next to Hillary so he will have to listen to her screech about how she actually won…for the rest of his life.

    6. Return the Senate to the organization that the founders intended. No longer elected by popular vote but selected by each state and responsible and accountable to each state as the founders had intended, a check and balence that is sorely missed.

    These are just a few of my favorite things…

    MSG Grumpy

  7. Toejam says:

    How’s about reinstating the draft like we had when I turned 18. You owed 6 years (active & inactive) to Uncle Sam. Only this time include the females. 2 years active and 4 active reserves. No exceptions except for the severely handicapped mentally or physically. Then after 2 years of learning “life skills” in the military of their choice at 20 years of age those so disposed would be able to go to college with the tuition paid by the government. Others could attend trade schools.

    • riverrider says:

      oh hell no! i worked too hard for 30 years to make the army and national guard a professional military and a bunch of listless draftees will ruin that in a couple of cycles. i’m all in with you though on compulsory service of some kind. maybe like the old ccc, or some similarly hard core work.

  8. Troybeam says:

    Israel has every citizen serve in its military, perhaps that is what we need here. It has a two fold benefit: have enough to fill your military and every citizen is trained in weapons, should there be an attack you would not have to worry about untrained brainless twits using a fire arm.

    • riverrider says:

      israel can not be compared to us. we have many more listless morons not concerned with national survival than they do. we are not in 24/7 danger of being overrun like they are. they largely see military service as survival. most of the u.s. “yutes” would see it as something to be avoided, and failing that, something to tear down. as much as i want these yutes to know suffering and hardship, i am against mandatory military service, for the good of the service. maybe everybody could do boot camp and the cream of the crop could be selected to move on to the military. the rest could do community service projects for the rest of the year or something.

      • Quartermaster says:

        With a draft instituted, you make honorable service a requirement for voting. If they are listless and/or worthless, you put them out with a less than honorable. Most draftees served well. A few did not and pulled the whole thing down for everyone else.

        Voting is a duty of citizenship just as defending the country is. Israel requires it and the Swiss require you either serve in military or civil defense. Dodgers are jailed. The idea of the citizenry being the Army had its origin in Switzerland, and the founders were correct. There is no reason that it shouldn’t work here, with the mods I’ve proposed above.

  9. macko says:

    Clarify what are entitlements and what is welfare. If you paid into something all your life you are not just entitled to it you own it. If you haven’t been paying into it you are not entitled to it it is welfare. Military draft definitely, no trans. In order to stay in you have to make rank and that will take care of the deadbeats

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