Monkey See

Along with opposing tax reform, the entire Congress has once again failed to consider spending cuts of any sort.  In a federal budget totaling $3.54 trillion in 2016, Congress can’t find a dime that needs cutting.  Even a trained monkey could open the books and finger thousands of programs that deserve the axe, starting with Job Corps (saving $19 billion over ten years) and Titles II, VI, and VIII of the Higher Education Act (saving $25 billion over ten years).  Congress lacks the sense of a monkey, trained or otherwise.  Keep reading….


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  • Edsss says:

    Agreed! How many generations now (this is beyond measuring in years) have we heard the Uniparty announce they will pull the funding for NPR to get a vote? Yet we continue to fund a blatant propaganda machine…over and over and over ad nauseum.

  • bob says:

    and there is the problem. repubicans are the problem. ever since fdr they have claimed to be the party of fiscal discipline, of spending less money and for smaller government. they are liars. they are no different from democrats. its one political party from dc against the rest of the country. here’s a short list for starters. abolish the epa, dept. of ed., commerce dept., spending to murder babies. it will never happen. the us is on the same path as the soviet union. the government will collapse at some point. it’s just a matter of time.

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