The D.C. Mob

“And the conspiracy theory is that the past election was illegitimate, that Trump doesn’t belong in the White House and Hillary does, and that radical measures must be taken against the First Amendment, the Electoral College and our entire political system to prevent such a “mistake” from occurring again.

That’s not just a conspiracy theory. It’s a radical leftist conspiracy against America.”    keep reading…..

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  • Toejam says:

    If the Leftists succeed they’ll find out the “paradise” they created wasn’t what they thought it would be. And there will be no going back.

    It’s the equivalent of a 5 year old destroying his favorite toy because he in a snit over his parents making hi go to bed.

  • P in America says:

    There are many constitution reasons and legal reasons to consider disqualifying all of Caifornia’s electoral votes.
    California invited this by being part of the entire attack and attempt to remove and disqualify trump from his victory.
    Encouraging people to look at the law is not a wise move by the left.

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