Divide And Conquer

I grieve for the memory of Kate Steinle, her family and friends, and for this nation. This situation cannot go on much longer. It really is either us or them. War.


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  • woodsterman says:

    That was said perfectly!

  • leeholsen says:

    hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but this will continue and likely increase greatly.

    the country is trending democrat, largely due to the mass of immgrants since the 1965 kennedy immigration act and the democrats got them in theiur corner.

    no illegal is scared as long as the democrats need the local enthnicity they share for votes.

    • Toejam says:


      Sadly, I have to agree with you. This shit is going to go on without any real resistance. Ordinary conservatives can’t organize a effective resistance for several reasons. 1) The Republican politicians are not militant. They have the same self-interest (pandering to Lobbyists) as the Democrats and aren’t going to risk being beaten down as treasonist violence mongers. 2) The average Joe Blow conservative has a wife, kids, house, job and mortgage. You think he is going to risk their lives, freedom and families by taking up arms and shooting? That day has past. 3) The police and military have their own wife, kids, houses, jobs and mortgages. They’re not going to risk all by going against orders from on high. And those orders will be to “put down” the violent insurrection.

      You’re correct in saying the country has gone too far to the left. They were smarter than the Joe blows. They clandestinely infiltrated the education system decades ago and created environments that have turned out the elder Bernie Sanders the 21st century Liberal, Socialist Antifa types. They’ve also appealed to “marginalized” groups like Blacks, gays and Illegal aliens and have them believing they are “victims” of the White Privileged America. A unfair, immoral and decant America that must be destroyed and rebuilt in the fashion of “fairness for all”.

      The future is bleak. At 75 I should be kicking back and saying “fuck it” I got mine, but I invested 6 years in the military and was raised by 2 great parents to believe that America was and is currently the best country in the world.

      Sadly most of the indoctrinated ones will be begging useless to return to the good old days of 2017 in a few years when they do experience the “new order”. My advice to them: “Don’t wish for something because you just might get it”!

      • leeholsen says:

        I agree, as a former member of the amrys 808th engineers, it disgusts me too to watch it, but i’ll likely check out before it gets real bad too.

        the vets I feel worst for are the disabled ones in combat since 2001, they’ll live long enough to see the worst imo and wonder why the gave up their arms and legs for it.

        didn’t mean to sour an initial post that is proposing to fight it but even with truump’s election I just cant see the usa of even 20 years ago is coming back.

  • Edsss says:

    Appoint Joe Arpaio to head DOJ! Start flushing some of this shit! Added benefit: McCain would storke out!

  • FaCubeItches says:

    War requires killing people and breaking stuff. The American Right foreswore that long ago.

  • Rob in Katy says:

    Dang, I miss AB!

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