Clowns To The Left

The democrats media propaganda wing are spinning the Virginia and New Jersey governor elections as rebuke of Trump. The talking points on the alphabet networks are identical so you can see the talking hairdos are are obediently following the orders of their masters.

What’s surprising is the warning to the GOP that if they lose the house in 2018, the democrats will move to impeach Trump.

The question I have…. impeachment for what?

While effectively the elections yesterday don’t mean that much, despite the Left insisting that it’s the downfall of Trump, it is a reminder that the only thing the Democrats have going for them is their abject rage against PDT. And that is a factor that is highly motivating and not to be dismissed. With the exception of 2005, every off-year election cycle has seen the incumbent’s party defeated in Congress. If the GOP loses control of the House, a Democrat majority will move forward with impeachment, no matter how absolutely insane that would be. Here…

I must have missed something. I didn’t know you could impeach a President because you don’t like him. I assumed impeachment proceedings were for more serious accusations like, oh I don’t know, sexual escapades with a young intern in the Oval Office then lying about it……to the world…..on national TV.

Here’s something I don’t understand. With all of the evidence they have on the Clinton’s, how in the hell can Trumps justice department ignore the avalanche of claims against them? How can Mueller be named Special Counsel within weeks of the bogus accusations against Trump, yet decades of corruption by the Clinton’s doesn’t move the judicial needle? 

Washington must be terrified of criminal proceedings against Hillary, they don’t care about the political theater of a congressional investigation because they control the strings, they can’t control a Hillary Clinton spilling her guts about where the bodies are buried. The thought of Hillary pulling a Donna Brazille and naming names to keep her decaying old carcass out of prison has got to have some in Washington and the media beyond nervous.

If this impeachment talk is really possible then this is a full on coup d’état by powerful people, they detest Trump, they detest the people who voted for him and they are fully engaged in keeping control of the trillions of dollars of tax revenue pumped into Washington. Trump is a fly in the ointment, a wrench in the cog, a man who doesn’t need money, therefore can’t be bought. 

This non military coup relies on a a number of factors, one,  Trumps DOJ turning on him, two, his own political party betraying him and three, Mueller coming up with a smoking gun. Two of the three seem to be in place and Washington is digging relentlessly for the third, all the while you don’t need a smoking gun on Hillary and Bill, they have smoldering shell casings all around them.

Nothing on Trump, a laundry list of corruption on Hillary, yet Trumps the one being investigated. The swamp ain’t going anywhere as long as this is allowed to continue.

It’s no secret that the endgame of this investigation is Trump’s impeachment. The Democrats have made it clear that impeachment will happen as soon as they get their majority. Whatever the investigation turns up will be used as grist for impeachment proceedings. That makes the investigation the third leg of the tripod that began with the Clinton campaign’s Russia dossier, that continued with Obama’s eavesdropping on Trump officials and that has now evolved into criminal proceedings. Here…



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  • Chris In NC says:

    No. For responsible people impeachment is a serious issue. For libs/progressives, it’s just another bullet to take down trump and any conservative/libertarian who gets in their way. They’ll make something up and vote party line to do it. The Senate needs 66 votes. They won’t get it. But you can damn better believe they’ll try.

    • Chris In NC says:

      And clinton wasn’t impeached because told the world a lie or because he had sex with an intern.
      He was impeached, rightly so, because he lied to a federal grand jury to deny Paula Jones her day in court. A felony he was later sanctioned for

  • wheels says:

    They’ll impeach even though there is no impeachable offense. It’s a tit-for-tat thing – Bill Clinton got impeached, and Hillary wasn’t elected, so now Trump must be impeached. It won’t matter if the Senate doesn’t convict; Trump will still have been impeached the same way Bill was, and they’ll use that to paralyze the administration.

    Here in Colorado, in Arvada, a Denver suburb, the Republican candidates won a school board election a few years ago. The Democrats managed to get enough signatures to get a recall election going, which they won. The school board members had done nothing wrong, legally – they were just implementing the policies that they said they’d do if elected. So now, in Colorado, at least, not governing like a Democrat is grounds for recall.

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