Counting Crows

Some of these people broke the law, they’re still angry and still free.


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  • KHS71 says:

    Many Democrats will never accept the election results. They’re still in denial. Hillary will die an old bitter dried up hag of a women still believing that she should have been elected and it was all some other person’s fault. She will never accept the results. Probably will never see the inside of a prison where she belongs. She is the most corrupt politician in my lifetime and that goes back over 60 years. Electing Trump was the best outcome for this nation. Right person at the right time. He’s doing just fine. Go Trump. We still support you.

  • Toejam says:

    Prediction: 2020

    Democrat ticket: Michelle Obama, President..Barack Obama, VP

    Republican ticket: Donald Trump, President…(?), VP

    It should be interesting.

    • Chris In NC says:

      As we saw with barack, Michelle would win in a landslide. Why? Blacks would turn out in force again like they didn’t for hillary. b.o. showed you don’t have to have any real qualifications to be nominated/elected. moochelle would take back every blue state trump flipped. So will any black candidate. Fortunately, bernie sanders is now the holy man because he was denied with hillary’s cheating. He owns the nomination if he runs again.

  • Surfratt says:

    Waiting for the bus to take them home.

  • Chris In NC says:

    This picture is almost as good as the young turks meltdown video. So delicious. Such a beautiful picture…

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