Burning Down The House

My cup runneth over watching the dems light a candle that ends up burning down the house. Schlichter opines on the Virginia governors race and the democratic ad that may cost them the election.

“But have Democrats learned that?

No. They don’t want to learn that. So they won’t.

But they should. Here’s a strategy idea. Just spit-balling, but maybe it’s better not to alienate the majority of voters in order to cater to…who? Who buys these magic beans? Gyno-hat wearing nitwits from Fairfax County who think that everyone outside the Beltway is a couple swigs of home-brewed corn liquor away from molesting unwary canoeists?

While President Trump remains popular among those he was always popular with, these folks might not have been super-primed to go out and pull the lever for Ed Gillespie in light of his ties to the establishment. But wow – way to energize them to go out and pull that lever to tell Northam and the rest of Team They/Them/Theirs to go Weinstein themselves.”   here….

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