NOT Welcome!


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  • woodsterman says:

    Bury the dead ones with pig parts.

    • Toejam says:

      Pig parts shoved up their Muslim butt-holes. Hell, come to think of it, it might be a good idea to shove pig snouts up the asses of live Muslims (under the guise of a friendly coexist colonoscopy, of course) so far it would have a painful & lethal effect.

  • Troybeam says:

    All refugees & illegals from the last 15 years need to be returned to home nation along with any off spring and file for admittance by legal means. This includes proper vetting no matter how long it takes, any children born here by an illegal is not a citizen as the parents are not citizens as well, dreamers you don’t count as well. If you cannot be vetted you cannot enter into our nation, stop the PC BS, time to protect our nation or we won’t have a nation.

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