Dreamers Are Not Americans……

…..no matter how many times liberals lie to you and tell you they are. It’s not a concept cooked up by conservatives, it’s the law.


Eric Holder lectures us dumb hayseeds on the on what a Dreamer is….and he is wrong.

But Eric Holder nevertheless gets it wrong, as he is wont to do. “I’m calling on all Americans to see and treat dreamers as our own,” he writes, “because they are our own.” These individuals “should not be defined by their immigration status,” he claims. He quotes President Obama, who says that the dreamers are Americans “in their hearts, in their minds, in every single way but one: on paper.”

Well, gee, thanks for pointing out the obvious, professor.

Indeed, Obama gets it right: the dreamers are not Americans “on paper,” and so in that one profoundly critical way they are not Americans at all. That was the point of DACA in the first place: to offer deferred deportation to non-Americans. Natural-born and naturalized citizens of the United States were not the ones who took advantage of Obama’s executive order: it was illegal immigrants, non-citizens, that did so. It is not Trump who “defined them by their immigration status.” It was Obama.

Citizenship Matters, Whether We Like It Or Not 

It is grating to have to point this out, though the deficiencies of our immigration debate tend to make it necessary to do so. We are, after all, a nation; as a nation we are composed primarily of a body politic made up of citizens. There are a great many among us who desire, in various incoherent ways, to do away with such distinctions—people who believe that simply arriving here, through whatever means, should qualify one for citizenship. Such a policy would essentially do away with the idea of citizenship altogether, rendering our country’s immigration policy to be the legislative equivalent of John Lennon’s turgid “Imagine.”     Keep reading….

  1. KHS71 says:

    From the Washington Free Beacon:

    An Associated Press article published Tuesday referred to the illegal immigrants affected by President Donald Trump’s repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program as “undocumented citizens.”

    What is an “undocumented citizen”??? More trash from the “unbiased” media.


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