True Colors

Now, with President Obama’s unconstitutional DACA being eliminated, we see yet another example of masks falling. Many republicans will oppose the unlawful Obama DACA program being removed.  This reality only amplifies the signs the Big Ugly confrontation is needed more than ever.  It’s President Trump against a unified DC system.

And the masks come off.

Ryan had said during a radio interview on Friday that he didn’t think the president should terminate DACA, and that Congress should act on the issue.


“My hope is that as part of this process we can work on a way to deal with this issue and solve it through legislation, which is the right way to do it and the constitutional way to do it,” Rubio told CNN in June.


Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch joined Ryan in cautioning Trump against rolling back the program.

There is one political enterprise within Washington DC and national politics. There is only one enterprise. That enterprise is the UniParty. There is only one political party in Washington DC, with two internal caucuses – Republicans and Democrats.   Keep reading…


As for Rubios claim that legislation is the “right way and constitutional way” to fix the issue, where was the legislation when Obama used his executive order to implement the program in the first place? Oh, that’s right, the conservative base doesn’t want amnesty so they lied and opposed DACA with a wink and a nod to Obama to go ahead with his liberal agenda.
There is no other explanation for their current position.

  1. Toejam says:

    Every politician in Washington D.C. is a low-life dirt-bag leech just looking to keep getting elected, pulling down a 6 figure salary and receiving 7+ figure bribery money from lobbyists and foreign interests. I have a great idea of what to do with the Democrat, Independent and yes Republican scum, but if I put it out and get I.D.ed I might go to jail.

    President Trump stands alone encircled by a pack of feral political wolves. And, to his credit, he didn’t have to be there except he honestly loves America. That’s something that really rankles all the bum political hacks.

    If President Trump goes for whatever reason I’m turning in my voter registration card. Why play the shell game when the pea doesn’t even exist?

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