The Coming Storm

Inhabitants of ivory towers, however, have no cause for panic. Why would they? After all, their basic instincts never developed due to lack of any adversity in their lives. They are propelled through life by the dubious virtue of their relations, connections and inheritances, all without a care in the world. For entirety of their existence, they have never left the sterile comfort of boardrooms, villas, conference halls, luxurious hotels and posh restaurants.


Here’s the trick: these creatures do not know the world they live in—at all. They spend their lives surrounded by yes-men and servants, mingle with the vacuous and hypocritical “cream of society,” and keep contact with the outside only through mediums and filters. Lack of genuine human interaction, combined with an extremely decadent lifestyle and delusions of grandeur has culminated in them developing a completely demented view of reality.


Here lie the roots of their adherence to lurid ideologies and worldviews, as inability to understand the human mind results in total absence of empathy and tendency to view people as mindless cattle. Some, owing to their religious belief, openly think so. Their solution for the unruly masses is always the same—yet another economic crisis to send everyone scurrying. This time, however, they are in for a surprise.     Here….


By slowly force-feeding the whole world a dish poisoned with apathy and degeneration, the “elites” have inadvertently taken a large bite themselves. Their arrogance, complacency and hubristic belief that things are always going according to plan will be their downfall, because the people’s anger has reached a fever pitch.

Parasites will be excised, filth will be cleansed, justice will be meted out and a new golden age for the West will dawn.

For the future belongs to us, and it will be glorious.

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  • Toejam says:

    My Schadenfreude will be mighty come the day!

  • Patrick Wilson says:

    like watching some old british movies, elite out of touch and more vulnerable than they know

  • FaCubeItches says:

    Yeah, not real likely. True elites very rarely ever pay any price – when one of them goes down, it’s history-making. When the metal meets the meat, lots of people who *think* they are elite often find out the hard way that they aren’t, however.

  • Edsss says:

    And if you don’t believe these words, just allow unimpeded access to any elite, turn them into the street and see what happens. The day is comin!

  • leeholsen says:

    I do believe the usa can turn it aeound but there will be same bad days or years in between.

    That likely will be not in hillary or schumer or Pelosi’s lifetime though, so they will go out on top and that is part of a sad fact. in addition to them not seeing the turn, you know that some of the liberals calculated that they could squeeze out a little better lifestyle than they already had(which is second to none) but it would likely mean their offspring would face a backlash and have to face the consequences of their parents. now, that’s some nice stuff to leave you kids isn’t it ?

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