Rules Of Political Engagement

“Nothing is proven yet. But we’re beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what’s being investigated,” Kaine said. “This is moving into perjury, false statements, and even into potentially treason.” _ Sen. Tim Kaine (D-ickhead)

So Junior meets with a pal of a pal with the promise of dirt on Hillary, turns out no dirt, no big deal. Wrong Big Deal.

Just as the Russia-palooza tour was dying down Junior gets his hand caught in the cookie jar, no cookie, but he left a mess of crumbs for the Democrats and their propaganda machine CNNMSNBCABCCBS to continue the attack. I don’t know what the kid was thinking but he did his Dad no favors.

That’s the thing about politics, it’s not a fist fight, it’s mud slinging all the while claiming the high moral ground. Junior may have done nothing wrong, but look at the fire storm it’s created, they can now put a Trump in contact with a Russian…boom, they have their mud. Lefties are giddy over this turn of events even in their own mind they know they would do the same thing. 

“We need public testimony under oath of Donald Trump Jr. who has changed his story repeatedly,” Schumer told reporters Tuesday.

He added that Trump Jr. and members of the Trump campaign need to “turn over any and all documents” requested by either special counsel Robert Mueller, the Senate Intelligence Committee or the Senate Judiciary Committee, which are each investigating Russia’s election interference. _ Sen. Chuckie Schumer (D-NY)

The point I’m trying to make is Trump and his team have to be smarter than this. The political rules of engagement are different than the private sector because there are no repercussions for politicians, a business can be sued for slander but politicians can say anything they want. Throwing the word “Treason” out there is fighting words where I come from yet Schumer and Kaine see no problem with it, it’s like “racist” or “homophobe”, it’s a handful of mud thrown to see what sticks.

Liberals and the media have it in for this President, Trump took down the Queen Bee and supposed first female POTUS. Trump is reversing a shit load of Obama’s presidency and the progressives pet projects. Liberals got their trophies while Obama was in office, put them up on the mantle, polished them, and turned them into a shrine of liberal dogma, and now someone is taking them away. THEY ARE PISSED. Throw in the Jon McCain’s of the political spectrum and the shrews looking for the next mud puddle are endless. Trump has got to be smarter.

Putting your kids and their significant others out there in the political arena isn’t very smart, this isn’t Trump & Sons Construction, this is a large portion of the Washington machine and their minions finding ways to bring you down. Trump has done an amazing job surrounding himself with great people and has been surprisingly adept at the mud slinging thing, but political novices like Junior are best left in charge of the construction company, not meeting Russian lawyers for whatever reason.

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  • Toejam says:

    Tim Kaine is simply a nasty bully asshole who tosses out verbal garbage against the public wall hoping it will stick. That’s the only description anyone needs

    • Rich says:

      Remember Tim Kaine stepped down as DNC chair so the Clintons could put in THEIR person in as Chair, Debbie Whats-her-name-Schultz. The quid-pro-quo was Tim got be the VP candidate on the ticket with Hillary.

      What Don Jr’s meeting proves is there was NO collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. If there was collusion, WHY would the meeting have to beset up by the publicist for a band that played in a Miss Universe pageant years ago?

      The people elected the political outsider this time. THIS is EXACTLY what we get with political outsiders: People who are NOT experienced a politics, do NOT know what a bad political decision is, and make mistakes JUST LIKE THIS. I’m good with that.

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