“The Forced Welfare Expansion Act”


Thus, roughly 81% of the newly insured people in 2016 were simply given free insurance which everyone else funded. How is that a success? A successful reform would have seen people affording their own private health insurance – when and only IF they wanted it – because the product would have gotten better, cheaper, or both. Instead, since that wasn’t accomplished, Obamacare simply pushed people into government-run insurance to pretend it had “solved” the problem. It was called “The AFFORDABLE Care Act,” but a more appropriate name would have been “The Forced Welfare Expansion Act.”
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  • leeholsen says:

    I’m ready to start sitting outside the welfare and Medicaid offices and tailing recipients and if their first start is the liquor store or local drug dealer, getting my 25% back that they got from me first.

    Americans that pay taxes and aren’t completely pissed off at anyone that takes welfare or medical care without a serious disability are stupid. id the same people were living with you and doing nothing but take from you; you’d kick them out within 3 months; but we keep inviting more in ?

    people that voted for Clinton and Obama should have to pay triple tax for putting the rest of the country thru this.

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