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I tried reading the GOPe’s Obamacare replacement bill. 123 pages of unreadable amendments and referrals to subsection what the fuck of page 950 something from the 2000 page ACA section A (F)-Amended D 2012 applying to taxable year effective December 31, star date 2854. 

Only the government can write something so garbled that it would take a team of lawyers to read through it….bug or feature?

4 (a) IN GENERAL.—Subsection (a) of section 213 of
5 the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is amended by striking
6 ‘‘10 percent’’ and inserting ‘‘7.5 percent’’.
7 (b) EXTENSION OF SPECIAL RULE.—Subsection (f)
8 of section 213 of such Code is amended—
9 (1) by striking ‘‘2017’’ and inserting ‘‘2018’’,
10 and
11 (2) by striking ‘‘AND 2016’’ and inserting
12 ‘‘2016, AND 2017’’.
14 (1) IN GENERAL.—The amendment made by
15 subsection (a) shall apply to taxable years beginning
16 after December 31, 2017.

They should write a version explaining each section of the act that a junior high school student could read and understand, that would give the average American an idea of what the fuck they are backing or fighting. This should be required of all laws or regulations being considered.

Right now all we can do is take a politicians word for what it does, and that should scare the hell out of all of us.

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  • Tom McKelvey says:

    Of coarse they write it so only a team of lawyers can understand it. They want to keep their idiots useful. It should be written in plain English. We need to throw all of them to the curb, instate term limits for all of congress two terms then no involvement at all in anything political period not even dog catcher and start all over again.

  • Paula says:

    I’m just beginning my career as a medical coder, and I’m only on the tip of the ice burg but I can relate to all of the sections and subsections, etc. I knew the government
    bureaucracy between the patient and the physician was really bad, but I’m now seeing how much more complex and deep it really is. There is the patient, then the DHHS with its myriad workers and regulations, then the behemoth CMS (Medicare/Medicaid) with its thousands upon thousands of regulations and regulators, the OIG,the CDC, WHO, etc etc. I’m talking millions upon millions of dollars just in salaries. The regulations are endless. The guidelines are hazy and ever shifting, and the doctors have all of the onus of documentation of services and medical necessity and standards of care, etc., on their shoulders. Then heaven forbid, if they file a claim with an incorrect code on it, they can be up against fraud and abuse charges and the full weight of the government comes raining down on them. The auditors come and review, then the government auditors come and review their audit, and so on it goes. And healthcare is so unaffordable because? Duh. Pretty discouraging stuff. Mr. Trump has a huge battle ahead, one I have faith he can win, but these bureaucrats are in deep at all levels and need the regulations to keep their jobs regulatin’.

    • jeffli6 says:

      Paula – Yep, you hit the nail on the head, that’s why government can’t handle the scope of health care in this country.

      • guy says:

        “government can’t handle the scope of…”

        Pretty much anything, which is why they need to stay right the hell out of it.

  • R.D. says:

    So… Not a repeal or replacement, but essentially Obamacare ver-

  • Many a law has been struck down as “void for vagueness.” Perhaps this one should be attacked as “void for incomprehensibility.”

  • Brother John says:

    I propose a constitutional amendment that all bills before Congress be limited to five-hundred (500) words. Not pages, words. And any bills passed or signed that exceed this limit be null and void.

    That’s some *serious* accountability there. No more riders, no more pork, no more BS. Every member is known to have voted for or against everything, and no one can claim to not have read or understood it.

    • Paula says:

      Nice, Brother John. And as Denzel said to Hanks in Philadelphia, “Explain it to me like I’m a 5-year old.” Keep it simple.

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