Breaking The House China

This will piss off the lefties in Hollywood, and everywhere else. She is of sacred lefty stock, black and female, yet she has the courage to do this.
Good woman.

Singer and song writer Joy Villa grabbed attention tonight at the Grammy’s red carpet.   Here…


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  • Toejam says:

    Tried to buy her CD “I make the static” on Amazon today and it’s not listed (?). The MP3 download is, but I’m an old fashion guy and don’t download or stream stuff.

  • Scottiebill says:

    What this lady did last night by wearing that gown took more courage than any of the other people there could ever hope to do in their constant and continual rants against Trump and his administration.

    One more thing: Why does anyone call what they do “music”. The “music” today, other than classical and good, I mean GOOD, jazz, is nothing more than screeching caterwauling that sounds a lot like a screaming gut-shot Comanche. (Apologies to all Comanches out there).

  • Troybeam says:

    Scottiebill you are so correct about music today, its terrible, Fashion is no more, I like what Joy Villa did in her statement, entering the lions den with all the liberals preaching complete BS wearing a pro- Trump special designed dress, courage or stupidity time will tell. Did I watch the show, nope watched Olympus Has Fallen good old kick the bad guys butt movie.

  • cmblake6 says:

    Saw it earlier, jaw dropped. Love this girl! Never heard her music, but her attitude is joyous!

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