The Utopian Nightmare

Hillary/Obama/Democrats want another half million refugees to go along with the 10,000 already here, not to mention the hundreds of thousands crossing the border illegally from Mexico to Somalia, what could possibly go wrong?   Well….picture this on every Main Street in America.

Still think globalism is the answer? Ask an Parisian.

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  • Irish says:

    WTF?… reposted at my place. That is so disgusting. How do the parisienes allow that?

  • cali says:

    Come to California and see what it looks like in metro cities like Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco among others – looks like the video, like 3rd world countries hell hole. The illegals bring their ‘culture nightmares’ with them and their filth as well.

  • leeholsen says:

    imo, both Europe and the usa have days coming that will look like the overrun scenes in the movie black hawk down. for Europe, it will be the muzzies and for the usa, it will be the muzzie, “BLM” and Mexican and asain gangs.

    now, I am not a bigot and am not saying this will happen because there is anything wrong with races that are not white. I am saying this is going to happen because the western civilization is a pushover and instead of requiring anyone coming in to live up to the standards that western civilization set for the world; it has subjugated itself to take second place to whatever those coming in desired and become a least common denominator society and when you average down to the least, you have to live by their standards.
    I hope I can move to some small town where everybody carries a weapon and are leery of strangers before the usa gets there.

  • john moore says:

    Looks like Portland,Or.!

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