Hamburger explains that the prerogative powers once exercised by English kings, until they were circumscribed after a resulting civil war, have now been reinvented and lodged in administrative agencies, even though the United States Constitution was drafted specifically to prevent just such abuses. But today, the laws that actually affect people and businesses are seldom […]

Societies Structural Breakdown

You can’t pick up an old (any) woman and body slam her. You can’t drag an old woman across the ground and throw her into a pool. Societies moral compass just doesn’t allow for it…..oh wait…’s OK….their just misguided youth oppressed by the system. I weep for this country. They don’t want to be called […]

“I’m sensitive to the damage a sheltered life can cause, and I do my best to foster independence where I can. For example, when I take my 5 year old to the supermarket, I let him roam about the store eating sample and searching the discount fruit bin for good deals while talking to employees […]


And It Begins

As I’ve mentioned before the hate and vitriol that divides this country will get violent. Well, here it is and it’s only a matter of time before sticks and fists are replaced by knives and guns. The question remains….where the hell are the police, the press obviously know whats going on, where are the cops? […]

Hohmann also believes small towns, which tend to lean Republican, are in the bull’s-eye.   “What we can say is this – while the refugee resettlement has been chugging along under the radar in this country for 35 years, leading to the explosive growth of mosques and Islamic centers in the United States, I do […]

Thanks Obama, what a lovely scene from Main Street America.   found here Obviously she wanted to share the joy of being disgusting in public via social media.

You don’t get to be all unicorns and glitter in this world, it’s a nasty, mean, dog eat dog world out there. Wanting the US to be a sovereign nation of laws should be embraced not denigrated as Obama just did. His description about nationalism being dangerous explains his eight years in office. When you […]

….it’s not how any of this works. Time to explain to these cities what federal funding means. Obama did it: Last month, Obama officials sent a letter to Florida’s Medicaid agency, warning that it may not reauthorize $2.2 billion in unrelated Medicaid funding unless the state agrees to expand Obamacare. These actions make the administration’s […]

One reason Trump exists and is the next president is that the political class is long overdue for reform. The reason the political class is a dumpster fire is the public has lost its civic morality. That cannot be fixed with one election. That cannot be fixed by one man in one job. What ails the […]