How Far Have We Come?


Well…. our phones and televisions are much better.


  1. CenTexTim says:

    Back in the 60s racism was systemic. Peaceful protests were justified. Today everyone is overly sensitive, and overreacts to events before all the facts are known.

    Many more blacks are killed by other blacks than by LEOs. If I was the parent of a young black man I’d be more worried about who he hangs out with than about the cops.

    • jeffli6 says:

      CTT – The latest video bear out the fact that this young man was not an innocent as the MSM wants everyone to think. He was a thug who thought with his size he was above the law, and he learned the hard way that he is not. Falling back on the race card is a worn out excuse to loot and cause chaos, they deserve whatever they get from the cops.

  2. Scottiebill says:

    Those idiots in the bottom two pictures need a sign telling them that they are “a man”? Are they that insecure with who they are to need a sign to convince themselves? Or does anyone actually give a shit that they are “men”? I, for one, do not!

    • jeffli6 says:

      Scottie – They must have done a google search to find popular protest slogans. They don’t understand that we know they “Are A Man”, we don’t understand why they are not being productive members of society.

  3. Toejam says:

    Social evolution has obviously overlooked the Negroid race.

    • Scottiebill says:

      Not entirely, Toejam. We have a black son-in-law and he is one of the finest ment I have ever known. But, he is the exception to the rule.

    • jeffli6 says:

      Toejam – It seems that we have not learned much in the last 40 years, but I blame government handouts keeping people from taking responsibility for themselves. Generation after generation of blacks learn the same thing, if they get theirs all is fine, take something away, all hell is gonna break loose.

  4. parascribe says:

    I can’t imagine MLK ripping off convenience stores and burning down his own neighborhoods.

    • jeffli6 says:

      Para – Unlike MLK, Jesse Jackson and Sharpton want to agitate for violence, it gets them back in the public arena.

      • Scottiebill says:

        What is even worse is that if MLK ever turned around very quickly, Jesse jackass would have broken his goddam neck. He was always under MLK’s feet wherever he went.

        My question here is: Where is James Earl Ray when we need him??

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