Parades And Parasites

Enough with the parade talk. The loons are gonna ruin it, most people in fly over country could care less, they already love and respect what our military does. We don’t need bands and marching soldiers to remind us of their importance.

On the budget agreement, no DACA, that’s good. Military spending, if you could procure a hammer for under 50 bucks, that’s good. Open ended domestic spending for bullshit programs that do nothing for the good of the country…..that’s bad.

They keep saying medicaid, medicare, and social security are the items that need cutting. How about cutting welfare, planned parenthood, foreign aid to countries that hate us and even some that don’t, and worthless pork programs.

If the economy roars the revenue stream will come, keep the democrats filthy fingers off of it and you can cut into the deficit but it takes the guts and balls to do what’s necessary, this budget deal seems like not even Trump can say no to the liberal parasites and GOPe sucking the life out of this country.

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  • Rev.HoagieĀ® says:

    I agree with everything but the parade idea. First of all I really believe this country could use a good dose of patriotism. We are constantly bombarded with “hate America” from the left and their operatives. Besides, a patriotic paraded will make their heads explode….again. They won’t ruin anything because Trump will not allow them close enough to ruin anything. And the folks in fly over country very much could care and do. They would like to be included as part of this miracle called America and they do love a parade. Screw what Hollywood, the media, Cher, Pelosi and Colbert wants or thinks. Since most of the men and women in the military are from fly over country I know they care. Their families care. I care.

  • bob says:

    they don’t need to cut one penny. just spend the same amount every year for five years. the budget would have a surplus.stop using baseline budgeting to do budgets. start at zero every year. I would love to real real cuts in everything and abolish most programs but that will never happen.

  • leeholsen says:

    I really wish that trump would have also campaigned on cutting govt. he could have easily gotten the figures from heritage or me that most every federal govt agency has grown by multiple times over in the past 15 years. then those pathetic POS’s in congress are the ones standing between what the people want, a wall, illegals out, a smaller govt and less govt debts on their backs and ayone nort going along is primaried out with a trumpist this march.
    this country could be righted so fast if people would actually get behind trump and rand paul rather than let congress make them a side show.

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