The Olympics

On the eve of the opening ceremonies in South Korea I thought I would share my thoughts on the Olympics.

Get rid of them.

I know, I know….the kids, all of the training, the patriotism, Russia vs. USA hockey!!!

Well, Lindsey Vonn says she is doing her shtick for the good old US of A but not for President Trump, don’t you think that’s kind of the same thing buttercup? Flaming butt boy figure skater Adam Rippon said he won’t be part of the opening ceremony involving VP Pence:

Last month, Rippon, who is one of two openly gay American Olympians at the Games, blasted the White House for tapping Pence to lead the official US delegation to the 2018 Winter Olympic opening ceremony.
“You mean Mike Pence, the same Mike Pence that funded gay conversion therapy?” Rippon said 
It seems like the Olympics have become a more of a liberal shit show than anything. Hell one of the greatest all-around athletes to perform in the Olympics, Bruce Jenner, has shed his man card for heels and estrogen, of course residing in LA  LA Land and living with the Kardashian brood probably sent him over the edge more than any feminine tinglings hes’ had, but I digress.
Politics has been part and parcel of the Olympics from the get go, the 1968 Black Power fist to show solidarity for whatever social justice problem seemed to irritate them at the time, (same issues, different era). The terrorist killings of Israeli athletes in 1972 at the Munich athletes was one of the worst moments in history, let alone being a part of the Olympics. There have been boycotts, women’s rights, bans, steroid use, partisan judges, and of course racial issues.
The entire history of the Olympics has been draped in political intrigue and an opportunity for various individuals/groups/nations to air their grievances. If  liberals and their identity politics have their way, you won’t know if it’s a man or a women competing because of tranny rights. At that point, what’s the point?
I say lets bypass that inevitable outcome and get out of the Olympics now, avoid the embarrassment, everybody gets to save some money and the kids can get on with their lives….now get off my lawn.

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  • Rev.Hoagie® says:

    What you say makes sense, jeffli6. the Olympics are little more than a world stage for leftists to promote their leftist cause du jour and insult normal people. Screw’em.

  • CenTexTim says:

    And now there’s some person of color whining about how the U.S. flagbearer for the opening ceremonies was chosen. GMAFB.

  • Dennis says:

    You’re so right. The Olympics is supposed to separate politics and allow people to compete without rocking the boat. The Olympics committee is actually a corrupt nightmare. They have so much money and financial tools but they don’t even pay the athletes adequately. Why does everyone keep ruining your lawn?

  • Dirk The Impailer says:

    The Olympics used to be a way for AMATEUR athletes to compete and show pride in their home countries.

    Now it’s a giant McDonald’s commercial, features what are all professional athletes, and politics is destroying it in much the same way that it destroyed the NFL.

    After the little snowflake athletes decided to trash the president and VP, I decided not to waste my time watching them compete. I just don’t care!!!!!

  • Toejam says:

    Everything now is politicized. I’m sliding deeper into my little “hidey-hole” every day to escape the insanity!

  • Troybeam says:

    A new rule should be imposed on the Olympics: No Political statements allowed, if one makes a political, leftist remark than boot them out and send them home, the Olympics should not be political only competitive.

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