What Would Andrew Do?

What Would Andrew Do?

Watch to the end. “If you’re not with us you’re on the other side” (paraphrased), words Bannon may want to think about considering he is/was a part of Andrews name sake.  Fuck you Bannon.

  1. Toejam says:

    I’m having trouble digesting Bannon and his irrational activities. He has and still does exhibit bipolar symptoms. Has he been a Democrat Manchurian candidate all along?

  2. Quartermaster says:

    The stuff being reported about Bannon can not be trusted. Wolff, for example, is a known liar and a dollar to a donut says that most of what is attributed to Bannon by Wolff came from his overactive imagination. He says in the book that most of it based on his “indelible impression.” In other words, none of it can be trusted, although DimoKKKRats will eat it up.

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