If you have never been to one you won’t understand, a piece of America that sadly is gone.tumblr_lyowewBMuD1r48hglo1_1280

Pico Drive-In Theater c.1950

Californias first drive in theater

opened September 9, 1934Screen+Shot+2017-06-27+at+8.17.25+PM

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  • Toejam says:

    I got my driver’s license in 1959 and the first thing I did was pick up my honey that night and head off to the Rte-303 Drive-in in Blauvelt, NY. I remember there was an active Nike base right next to the drive in. For you youngsters the Nike was an anti-aircraft missile. Sites ringed new York City and other cities. Them damned Ruskies were gonna bomb us.

  • I grew up a quarter mile from The Motor View drive in that is of course no longer there.
    I have done the hide in the trunk thing but there was a small hill right behind the back fence and we had a shelf dug out with room for several chairs and had a way to get through the fence to go to the snack bar too.
    I do know there is one left West of Portland that we keep saying we need to go to. It’s about 35 miles from here.

  • Ron says:

    This place is open in Jersey. The guy who opened it was our Pediatrician. Interesting backstory as to why he opened a Drive In. He has a few kids and lives in a normal neighborhood and was sick of the theater prices. His food prices were reasonable (not sure what they are now) and has a nice menu. He shows first run movies and not B rolls or out of circulation flicks. I’m not website savvy but maybe you can put up a picture or two from his site.


  • Troybeam says:

    Last drive-in movie I watched was southern California 1979, movies were Hills Have Eyes and with it showing Lust In The Dust with Divine aka Harris Glenn Milstead, died in 1988.

  • bob says:

    drive in’s would never work today. blacks would screw them up.

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