Turkey Day Eve

Went to work this morning, plenty of coffee by 11:00, computer went down at 11:30, spent half hour on hold for internet provider tech support, was told a tech would be at my office between 12:30 and 4:30, it was 5:00 when I gave up waiting and return call to tech support was a non starter.

Wanted to have a short day, that didn’t work out, start of four day weekend, start of new bottle of wine.


  1. leeholsen says:

    well here’s why you can blame the whole day on tech support.

    I am primarily a programmer but job duties also involve support and yesterday I was determined to do no work after driving to work and finsing by the traffic I was one of the few who went, so I resolved no issues all day, just returned emails.

    I am quite sure I am not the only support person that mailed it in yesterday.

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