Lunatic Fringe

The left has chosen groups it wants to exploit to create division in this country, they want votes and by backing the lunatic fringe they secure their support when election time comes around. The identity politics game they are playing is having a major side effect, people in this country are no longer “Americans”, they are splinter groups demanding new rights and laws.

Pick a group, any group that liberals support, and you will find a hatred for what America used to be and their vision of what America should be. It’s not their wish, it’s a demand, and liberal politicians are enabling those demands for their own selfish reason…… political power. It’s creating a divide that can’t be repaired.

That’s not the vibe of today. It feels like America is a fleet of ships lashed together for so long that no one remembers why they are lashed together. As the ropes begin to break, no one is trying to repair them. Instead. people are severing them so everyone can drift apart and go their own way. In the process, various madmen are setting fire to other boats and cackling like lunatics. Those who want to keep things together, just because that’s the way it has always been, are starting to think it is time to cut everyone loose.   here….

This won’t end well.

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