The Lines Have Been Blurred

Sexual harassment and assault accusations are becoming a routine occurrence now, after the Weinstien story broke a few weeks back it seems every day some dumb schmuck has stuck his finger in it, (pun intended), and is being held to task in the court of public opinion. Nowadays that court finds you guilty under the premise if there’s smoke there must be fire.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no sympathy for the Kevin Spacey’s and Charlie Sheen’s of the world, they made their own beds and watching their world come tumbling down around them is the karma come uppins they deserve.

The bigger story here is the women, (or men), who are coming out of the woodwork against CEO’s, editors, politicians with decades old accusations that are difficult to defend against. It could be that some of them are looking for a pay day from whatever settlements their lawyers can secure, others may be getting paid to bring someone in power down, some may be real victims of a crime but the lines have been blurred. If your face is plastered all over the paper being accused of a crime back in 1962, you’re guilty until proven innocent, seems backwards amiright?

Now to my point. Women have flat out gone militant about equality in the workforce, they demand equal pay with equal opportunity, I don’t begrudge them that effort…..but……if I was in a position of hiring for corporate America, and in the current landscape of sexual harassment claims, I would tend to hire a man over a woman. That would lessen the probability of a potential problem down the road. It has nothing to do with qualifications, it’s more to do with math. If I have a bunch of dudes on staff, I don’t have to worry about them staring at a chicks cleavage or an off hand remark about how good she looks in a skirt.

I’m not saying women shouldn’t be hired, I’m just stating that all of these claims could have the reverse effect of women’s opportunities for employment, which is the opposite outcome for equality they desire, get the way I’m drifting here?

These are just random thoughts running through my college drop out head so what do I know. If these men are guilty of the alleged assaults then I hope they get what’s coming to them, if men are being sued for complimenting a woman on the color of her blouse, that’s another story.

If I’ve offended the sensibilities of the fairer sex with this post my apologies,  I’m just an old school guy who was raised in a different era I guess.

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  • Toejam says:

    Mentally I substituted Hillary for Jim Carrey. Bingo problem solved.

  • JustaGuy says:

    The scene was funnier as a TV commercial with everything inside the elevator cut. Just the lead in and the gleam in his eyes as they enter then him holding his eye and walking out…

  • leeholsen says:

    just over ten years ago, used to work with a guy that would say in a company of his other male coworkers for any attractive girl that we say looks a little young; he’d come back with “if there’s grass on the field; go play”; he’d probably be in HR for that comment today and on suspension if our weasel boss brought it up to them.

    and I’m thinking hookers look better and better. no divorce, no alimony, no sexual assault allegations because she can do it and you can’t defend it because you cannot film every interaction with every woman you meet.

  • Ragin' Dave says:

    I’d never hire a single woman to work in my business. Ever. The drama, the bullshit, the “Oh, you don’t understand because you’re not a woman!”, the sick days for “woman times”, the distractions, the games of “Oh I could never!” followed by them doing what they would “never” do, blah blah blah blah blah. “I want to have a career and a baby and a family and my Gender Studies professor told me I can have it all and when I find out that I can’t have it all I’m going to blame all men and especially you!”

    I love women. Outside of the workplace. Inside the workplace, I’d rather deal with men.

  • Troybeam says:

    Playing both sides:

    Men: Used to be able to give a compliment to a female with just a thank you in return, now it a sexual compliant to HR.

    Women: Playing the victim card while using sexuality to get ahead, age old trick that gets people fired.

    Solution: an age old idea that actually works: return to the days where men and women had separate places to go: forget coed these places are nothing more than meat markets for the sexes, same as bars. The sexes need to be able to go to same sex places and not worry about the meat market comments. They need to be able to gripe their fill among same sex and go home to the spouse, gf or what ever, venting is good just not among coed places. PC feminist have killed the relationships values and attitude between the sexes.

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